Yemen Air Strikes May Trigger Terror Attacks In Britain

Yemen Air Strikes May Trigger Terror attacks

An article by Nationalist contributor and council insider, ‘Frustrated’.

The latest Anglo-American air strikes against the Houthi forces in Yemen will be seen by most Muslims in the world as further support for Israel and may trigger more Islamic terrorist attacks in Britain.

The Houthis want Israel to stop their bombing and siege of Gaza in order to save the lives of millions of their fellow Muslims who now perilously exist within the ruins of Gaza. The Houthis are targeting shipping linked to Israel in the Red Sea in order to put pressure on Israel for a ceasefire.

However, the American and British governments back Israel’s actions in Gaza. So, rather than join the Houthis (and the world’s) call for a ceasefire, they have decided to strike the Houthis instead! There are many past examples of such air strikes triggering terror attacks by Muslims within Britain and Europe.

Sir David Amess MP, was murdered in 2021 by an outraged ’British’ Muslim. Amess’s membership of the Conservative Friends of Israel, and his voting record on British air strikes in Syria were cited by his assassin, Ali Harbi Ali, as motives for his murder. So British MP’s must now be mindful that their foreign associations and voting record on the Middle East could get them assassinated!

Our MP’s decisions to bomb Muslims in the Middle East could also get native Britons bombed here, possibly by the many thousands of dodgy Muslim ‘refugees’ they have allowed to settle in Britain.

In 2017, Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi was also motivated by revenge for the deaths of Muslim children in America and British air strikes in Syria. Salman’s father, Ramadan Abedi, was a radical Libyan Islamist who came to Britain in July 1993, ostensibly seeking sanctuary (asylum) from the Libyan regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

After years of having his many bogus claims for asylum rejected by the Conservative government of John Major, Ramadan Abedi was granted refugee status by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1997. Consequently, his son, Salman Abedi grew up in Manchester and unsurprisingly became the fanatical Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber that murdered 22 and injured hundreds more young white English teenagers, mostly young girls, attending the Ariana Grande musical concert at the Manchester Arena in 2017.

According to Salman Abedi’s sister, his suicide bombing of our girls was motivated by revenge for the deaths of Muslim children killed during American and British air strikes during the Syrian civil war. Many Muslims believe that our support for Israel makes us complicit in helping Israel commit genocide by displacing Palestinians from Gaza so that their land can be colonised by incoming Jewish settlers.

America and Britain’s often irrational support for Israel is seen in the Muslim world as proof that our governments are controlled by Zionists who will support Israel even as it commits genocide. This feeling is supported by two recent key Zionist appointments in the British government.

In 2014, the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) stated that 80% of Conservative MP’s were also their members. This included the then Prime Minister David Cameron (who is part Jewish) and who has recently been appointed as our Foreign Secretary, concerning the Middle East conflict. Moreover, our newly appointed Defence Secretary is Grant Shapps, who is also a Jewish supporter of Israel. It was Shapps who recently ordered the Royal Air Force to bomb the Houthis in Yemen.

Millions of angry Muslims now feel that America and Britain are controlled by Zionists. Consequently, I fear that their anger will fuel more Islamic terrorism in Britain. To protect my family members, I have advised them to avoid football grounds, shopping malls and other large public gatherings.

Main Image: A shipwreck on the shore of Socotra Island, Yemen. Photo by Andrew Svk on Unsplash.

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