Black Racism – Will The Police Act?

Reverend Calvin Robinson

The GB News channel has suspended a third presenter for supporting Dan Wootton in the Laurence Fox sexism row. The Reverend Calvin Robinson, who is himself of mixed race, came out in support of the two presenters after Fox had made disparaging remarks about the left-wing reporter Ava Evans. The show’s presenter Dan Wooten was seen to smirk at Fox’s remarks.

The grandly named ‘African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers (ACAL) for Justice’ group, which claims to oppose racism (White racism obviously), attacked Robinson and awarded him the title of ‘Negro Of The Year’ for aiding ‘white supremacy’. ACAL describes itself as ‘A Convening Platform for UK-based, Black, Asian Lawyers and Activists Working Together for Justice and Opposing Racism’.

In a Twitter (X) post, ACAL also used a quote from black Marxist Malcolm X, saying, “And that old house negroe loved the master more than the master loved himself. If the master got sick, he’d say, ‘What’s the matter boss, we sick?’ His master’s pain was his pain.” followed by the hashtag #GBNews. The groups X account is followed by 12,400 people.

An image produced by the group and used in its X post last Saturday was accused of being racist and led to an avalanche of complaints on the social media platform. ACAL refused to back down and hit back, saying: “What qualifies you to make that determination?”

British Movement Northern has reproduced the offending African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers for Justice image below.

Can only Whites be racist? The image produced by ACAL and posted on Twitter (X).


Top Image: Facebook.
Lower Image: African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers (ACAL) for Justice’. Reproduced to highlight anti-White racism.

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