Where’s Your Compassion Now William?

Jon Ellerington

In a recent post, we reported on Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, hand-wringing over the plight of Afghan families who are housed in posh hotels at taxpayers expense around the country. “Why are they still here after five months, can’t they find housing for them?”, he was reported as saying. Has the Prince not heard of the lack of social housing, council house waiting lists etc that are part of everyday life?

The elephant in the room when it comes to the lack of actual council houses is immigration. Since the 1990’s the population of this country has increased from about 55 million to over 63 million. This increase is almost exclusively due to mass immigration from the third world and the high birth rates of those immigrants already resident here. The strain on the NHS, the environment and housing are immense.

Prince William likes to be photographed by a sympathetic press in situations showing how he is just a normal everyday bloke, cheering on his favourite football team, Aston Villa (well somebody has to), or at music concerts by Ed Sherran. But he is not and never can be a ‘normal bloke’. His first and only duty is to his people.

In the real-world little people like Jon Ellerington from Hull pay the ultimate price for the charity and largess of our masters, be they politicians, judges, bureaucrats or royalty.

Jon, aged 41, was seen daily by many in Hull city centre, always with his Jack Russell called Teddy by his side. A desperate bid had been made to find shelter for Jon just days before he was found dead.

A concerned passer-by had tried to find accommodation for Jon, after seeing his plight in the winter cold. Sophia Jama told how she tried to ensure Jon had accommodation after he told her he had been sleeping rough near the Anlaby Road flyover.

But after contacting Hull City Council and homeless charity Emmaus she says she was told there was no accommodation available because Jon was with Teddy. Days later, early on Saturday, December 18, Jon’s body was found outside the Costa on Ferensway with Teddy still by his side.

Hull City Council has expressed its condolences to Jon’s family and stressed that provision is available for those with pets and who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness in the city. The homeless charity Emmaus also issued a statement saying it believed Jon had access to accommodation before the tragedy.

Another passer-by, Sophia, spotted Jon and his dog on Friday, December 10, while attending an event at Hammonds of Hull. “I often stop and speak to homeless people,” she is reported as saying.

“After speaking to him I found out he had been sleeping rough somewhere near the Anlaby Road flyover. He had this tiny dog, like a Jack Russell. He had a bad leg and he was freezing but he told me he could not get in anywhere because of his dog.”

“I didn’t think this was right so I called the council’s emergency number but they confirmed to me they could not find anywhere for him because of his pet.”

Tributes have poured in for Jon from friends, family and members of the public who had brief interactions with him and his dog in the city centre. It is believed Jon was a former Hull College student who had worked at Wren Kitchens. The cause of Jon’s death has not been disclosed, though is not being treated as suspicious.

Jonathon Ellerington, known to most as Jon, would have turned 42 in February. Jon’s dog Teddy has since been cared for by members of his family. A fundraiser to help the family with funeral costs has raised over three times its original target of £500.

Abi Hamer-Jones, who is organising the fundraiser wrote: “I think that it is safe to say I speak on behalf of many people in Hull and the surrounding area when I say that we are heartbroken by the news that Jon sadly lost his life on Saturday the 18th of December.”

“This fundraiser is to raise money to assist Jon’s family with funeral costs during what is an extremely difficult time for them. There has been an absolute outpouring of love and condolences shared for Jon on social media and I know that many of you would like to pay the final good deed in Jon’s memory to help his loved ones. If so, please share your memories of him.”

“Society is quick to judge people by materialistic worth, pushed on us through social conditioning to deem value in things such as what possession’s someone has, what brands they are wearing, what job title do they have, what educational achievements have they gained. Jon may not have ranked highly on these scales but what does it matter, he had a rich heart and I would much rather sit with someone like Jon than someone who thinks that values such as the above are the only things that define a person and give them worth.”

Rest In Peace Jon.

Jon Ellerington with his Jack Russell Teddy. No posh hotel and meals for them.

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