BM North-West: Combining Activism With Fitness

Combining Activism With Fitness

Another short report from our BM North West members, who have once again been hitting the streets with BM propaganda.

On Friday, 17th November, activists from BM North West met up in Manchester for a fitness and self-defence session. Afterwards we moved on to Fallowfield to take down any communist garbage that caught our eye. We also put up a number of anti-paedophile posters & 14 Words BM stickers, with the hope of recruiting new members and growing BM Northwest.

BM posters alongside the bee emblem of Manchester

The BM Northern Region website would like to commend our North West comrades for both their tireless activism and the individual self-improvement that comes from physical fitness.

Sir Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists also highlighted the importance of physical fitness to their supporters, with the party organising sports clubs and a monthly keep fit column in their magazine.

SHORT VIDEO: Sticker Wars Manchester


All Images Image: BM Northern
Video: BM Northern

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