Not Our War – Keep Britain Out Of It!

british soldiers killed in palestine

The atrocities committed by the Hamas Islamic militants during their attack have shocked and angered the world. The much-vaunted professionalism of the Israeli army and its counter-intelligence services were shown to be woefully lacking.

The Israeli response, ordered by the hard-line Netanyahu government, will be murderous in the extreme. It will lead to the ethnic cleansing of Gaza of every Palestinian, young and old, leaving that piece of land free of every Arab and allowing another piece of land to be added to the Greater Israel vision of the Zionists.

The British Movement is no friend of the Israeli state. We have not forgotten or forgiven the 785 British squaddies and police murdered by Zionist terrorists before Britain pulled out of Palestine in 1948. While we have sympathy for the Palestinians and their plight – a people who have been stateless for 75 years, we do not have any truck with any murderous Islamic fanatics.

On one side of this conflict is the Zionist war machine, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), which, it could be argued, has regularly committed war crimes against the Palestinians. It is ranked as the 4th strongest military in the world and is armed to the teeth with the latest high-tech weaponry, courtesy of the good old USA.

Opposing them is a group of fanatical Islamic jihadis, armed only with basic weaponry and homemade rockets. In the middle of the two are the Palestinian civilians, men, women and children, surviving only by the largess of their Zionist jailers.

The Main Players

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF), has in the past used outlawed white phosphorous bombs, a particularly nasty weapon that sticks to human bodies and leads to horrific burns. This time, the IDF also seems to be intent on driving the 2.3 million Palestinians out of Gaza completely. Zionist government spokesmen refuse to say if they would be allowed back at some future point.

All this should come as no surprise. The State of Israel was born out of terrorism, first against the British and finally by ethnically cleansing the peaceful Arab population by terror. This policy has continued to this day, with religious Jews, often armed to the teeth, settling on or near the remaining Palestinian enclaves.

These “settlements”, now include large towns, often set on arid hilltops. Israel is constantly building new homes and offers financial incentives for Israelis to live in the West Bank. Today, around 400,000 people live in about 130 separate settlements.

In July 2023, the US President, ‘old’ Joe Biden, surprisingly, expressed criticism of several ministers within the Israeli government, characterising them as the most radical he had ever seen. The United States, with its powerful Jewish lobby, is unwavering in its support of Israel.

The Israeli National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has a history of convictions related to racist incitement and providing support to a terrorist organisation. Ben-Gvir has also warned Biden that he “needs to realise that we (Israel) are no longer a star on the American flag”.

Ben-Gvir supported the New York-born Rabbi Kahane and his US-based terror group, the Jewish Defence League. He campaigned for the expulsion of all Palestinians from their homeland. Kahane was assassinated in New York in 1990. Ben-Gvir now leads the Jewish Power Party, and he has been arrested multiple times due to his activities.

Hamas, an Islamist militant group, emerged as a spin-off of the Palestinian faction of the Muslim Brotherhood during the late 1980s. Following their victory over the rival political party Fatah in the 2006 elections, Hamas assumed control of the Gaza Strip.

These people hate the West as much as they hate the Jews. How long before the Islamic fanatics who have been welcomed into our land and given asylum by our globalist, liberal leaders, turn their rage on Britain and go on a bloody rampage?

Britain’s Role In The Region

The British rule over Palestine lasted roughly thirty years, from 1917 until 1948. The legal frame for British rule was based on a mandate conferred on Britain by the League of Nations.

The Mandate required Britain to put into effect the Balfour Declaration’s “national home for the Jewish people” alongside the Palestinian Arabs, who composed the vast majority of the local population. During this period, the primary focus of the British Army’s activities in Palestine was to counter violent Arab groups who were opposed to the influx of Jewish immigrants.

Britain imposed a limit on the number of Jews from Europe allowed into Palestine, which provoked armed Jewish resistance aimed at driving the British army out of the country.

The two main Zionist terrorist groups were the Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organisation), and the Stern Gang. Both groups would give modern-day Islamic terror groups a run for their money. The Stern gang, ultimately led by the future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, assassinated the British Minister for the Middle East, Lord Moyne.

By 1947, the number of British troops deployed in Palestine had risen to about 100,000 – the majority being young National Servicemen. On 29 July, 1947, in retaliation for the execution of three of their members, the Stern Gang kidnapped and hanged two British Army sergeants. They then booby-trapped the bodies so that the officer who cut them down was badly injured.

The British Army departed from Palestine in 1948, leaving the Jews and the Arabs to fight it out in the war that followed. The campaign cost 785 British military and police lives.

The British Movement position is that the UK should keep out of it and not take sides, as we don’t want to be involved with either of them. We demand that:

No British soldiers are to be sent to the region.
No refugees given asylum in Britain.
No terrorist attacks on British soil.

The stupid policy of flying Israeli flags on public buildings puts the UK in danger of attack by Islamists. As we have seen last week, Israeli flags were ‘forcibly’ removed from Sheffield and Rotherham town halls and replaced by Palestinian flags.

A new post on the BM Northland Forum site ( analysing the BM’s position on this conflict will be published soon.


Top Image: National Army Museum.
Lower Image: Public Domain.

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