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A brief look at some of the recent news stories that you may have missed or have not been reported by the controlled media….

An Irish Girl Dies Freezing In The Street – 12.12.22

The Irish homeless charity A Lending Hand, has confirmed that a young Irish girl has died sleeping rough in the freezing weather in Dublin. The charity workers say that the homeless young girl was sleeping in a tent but was unable to make it through the night in temperatures that dropped to -7 °C.

In the same way that the British government bends over backwards to move thousands of migrants into hotel accommodation – the Irish government does the same while Irish people are literally dying on the streets.

Why We Need More Citizen Journalists…

Did you know that Moroccan football fans rioted in London after beating Portugal 1-0 in the World Cup last Saturday? Probably not. It has been hushed-up by our media. Fortunately a citizen journalist was on hand to record it.

In Paris, 1000 riot police battled with up to 20,000 Moroccans in the Champs-Elysees. The French cities of Lille, Avigon and Reubaix also experienced violence from the celebrating ‘fans’.

Moroccan fans have also rioted in Italy, Belgium, Holland and Spain after winning! God knows what would have happened had they lost. The French team is due to play Morocco on Weds 14 December and the authorities are expecting far worse.

Diversity Did Nor Build Britain


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