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The ‘Eyes and Ears’ of British Nationalist resistance.

A British Movement activist filming a situation, a political activity, a Left-wing demonstration, a riot by non-whites, the police exceeding their lawful authority, or the arrival on the Channel coast by illegal immigrants, is essential information in presenting an alternative view point to the British public.

More and more ordinary, non-political folk in this country are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media are not to be trusted, official government press releases are not to be trusted, and even press statements by local councils are not to be trusted, and it is vital that ‘citizen journalists’ are around to record the reality and to help present the TRUTH.

A long-term goal for the British Movement has been the creation and development of a British National Socialist and racial Nationalist alternative news media. In the past, BM has always relied on the printed word, publishing magazines, booklets and newspapers.

However, in recent years the massive growth and development of easily accessible social media and online websites have greatly expanded the reach of an alternative narrative to that dished out by the state and mainstream media outlets. To this end, citizen journalists are an important, if not vital, part of presenting both sound and visual images to support our alternative worldview.

Nothing speaks louder than real-time images of what is actually going on. Not the carefully edited film footage of the television channels or the doctored still photographs beloved of the printed newspapers, but actual ‘as it is happening’ video footage or digital photographs of the situation or the event.

The national mainstream media hates the idea of citizen journalists; the political Left hates the idea of ordinary, patriotic citizens filming and recording events for publication, the agencies of the state are very nervous of citizen journalists; and the police have been particularly heavy handed and have twisted the law in order to harass and prevent certain patriotic, pro-Nationalist citizens from filming the landings of illegal immigrants and the controversial takeover of hotels and motel complexes to house illegal immigrants and so-called ‘asylum-seekers’.

Nationalist news outlets like the British Movement Northern Region website need the input of citizen journalists to get the TRUTH out to the British public. BM Northern Region does not doctor or present false or staged news events; we leave that to the mainstream media.

The truth is out there, and in order to wake up the British people to what is really happening to our country, there needs to be an army of active citizen journalists out there filming and reporting.

An image taken by a citizen journalist showing exactly how many Antifa were present at the demo in Leeds on 12/12/22.


Top Image: Public Domain.
Lower Image: BM citizen journalist.

The British Movement welcomes articles for possible inclusion on this site from members and supporters across the North of England. Please remember that we have to operate within the laws of this country – we will not include any content that is against the current laws of the United Kingdom. News reports should be topical and be relevant to the regions covered by this website.

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