Celebrating April 20th With Activism And A Well-earned Beer!

BM Northwest celebrate April 20th

April 20th is a day for National Socialists worldwide to come together and salute the memory of the Fuhrer. Across the north of England, we know of many hundreds of individuals and groups who raised a glass in celebration of the birthday of our eternal leader.

The following report is from our BM Northwest comrades. Combining relentless political activism, fitness training and social activity is a template that should be followed by all BM regions and groups. Here is the report from BM North West:

On Saturday 20th April, BM Northwest met up in Manchester to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s 135th birthday. A great day, with the best calibre of people!

Activists went to help some of the 7,000 homeless in the city and gave them water, chocolate’s and medical supplies. Manchester is a minority White British city (48.7%), yet every homeless person they helped was White British.

A Celtic flag was also held up in front of a pro-Palestine demo, which was talking place in Manchester city centre.

Adolf Hitler has been dead for 79 years, yet he remains the most important political figure in our lives.
Britain Awake!

Holding our Celtic Cross banner in front of a pro-Palestine demo in Manchester city centre.
Helping the homeless in Manchester.
Removing Marxist propaganda in Manchester city centre.

“The world may revile and denigrate him today and persecute him with its base hatred, but it will one day have to revise this position or bitterly regret it. He is the core of the resistance against the decline of the world! He should remain what he is and always was: Our Hitler.”

Dr Joseph Goebbels, April 19, 1945.


All Images: British Movement Northern.

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