RAF Scampton Needs Your Support

raf scampton protests

The fight to stop RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire from becoming an asylum centre is gathering pace.

Back in March 2023, West Lindsey District Council announced a landmark Development Agreement that would lead to the regeneration of the 800-acre Scampton site. The deal, which had secured over £300 million of investment and would have led to the creation of thousands of new jobs, including apprenticeships, is now in doubt.

The protest organisers at RAF Scampton aim to create a second Llanelli, where people power forced the Home Office to cancel its plans to house over 200 ‘refugees’ at Stradey Park Hotel. Sustained local pressure, including the setting up of a permanent encampment on public land outside of the hotel and eye-catching demonstrations, is seen as a template that can be used successfully in other locations.

At RAF Scampton, local residents, along with veterans, bikers, and other patriots, have set up a permanent camp outside of the main entrance on the busy A15, complete with tents, braziers, and banners.

The Home Office has proceeded with the conversion despite the local council issuing a “Stop Notice” on any work to convert the base, showing contempt for both the elected officials and local residents. So much for democracy.

“Stop Notice fails to halt work at RAF Scampton as Home Office presses ahead despite written assurance it is complying with order.”

Statement on the West Lindsey District Councils website.

Due to the site having multiple entrances, protesters have started to establish camps at various gates to monitor the comings and goings of the contractors and security staff. Workmen have been entering the site daily, which has led to heated confrontations, with site security and the police taking a hard line with the protesters.

Recent reports of disorder have included arrests for threatening words and behaviour, allegations of a torch being used to ‘blind’ drivers on the A15, or drivers accessing the site, and eggs being thrown at vehicles and staff. One well-known citizen journalist was arrested and given bail conditions that included not going within 1 mile of the camp.

The British Movement encourages anyone who is able to travel to RAF Scampton and support the protests. Camping outdoors in all weather is not fun. If you can, please donate supplies of foodstuffs, kindling for the braziers, and waterproofs, as they are always needed.

The photo’s above appeared on Twitter (X) and were posted by Active Patriot. Although he is not a BM member or a National Socialist (that we know of), his X feed contains news about the campaign at Scampton and other asylum protests up and down the country. Follow him at @ActivePatriotUK


Top Image: Youtube.
Lower Images: @ActivePatriotUK on Twitter.

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