Damien Bendall And The Death Penalty

Killamarsh murders

Multiple murders that demand a return of the ‘Death Penalty’ to the British judicial system.

This horrendous story of multiple murders began in Sheffield and concluded across the border in Killamarsh, North Derbyshire. As a result the murders in Killamarsh were investigated by East Midlands police and brought before Derby Crown Court.

The killer in this horrific case was Damien Bendall age 32, who killed his girlfriend/partner Terri Harris age 35, her son John Paul Bennett age 13, her daughter Lacey Bennett age 11, and Lacey’s friend Connie Gent age 11. The court was told that all four victims had been killed by repeated blows to the head with a claw hammer, all suffered from shattered skulls and fatal brain injuries.

Sentenced to five ‘Full Life Sentence’ terms at Derby Crown Court on December 21st 2022 for the four cold blooded murders and the violent rape of a dying 11-year-old girl in September 2021. In addition to smashing in the skulls of Terri Harris and the other children with a claw hammer, Lacey Bennett had been raped by Bendall as she lay dying from her head wounds, it was also reported that Terri Harris was pregnant by Damien Bendall when she was killed.

The greatest tragedy of all was that Connie Gent was only in the house as part of a ‘sleep over’ with her friend Lacey and was killed just because she was there. Bendall killed all the children as they were preparing to go to bed on the evening of September 18th 2021, after he had already attacked and battered to death Terri Harris downstairs.

In the early hours of September 19th, just hours after the killings, Damien Bendall took a taxi back to Sheffield, he had in his possession John Paul Bennett’s ‘Xbox’ console and Bendall intended to call on his cocaine dealer in the Woodhouse area of Sheffield to trade the Xbox for drugs. Getting a fresh supply of cocaine was Bendall’s only concern even though he had just slaughtered his girlfriend and three children. According to witness reports in court, Bendall chatted with the taxi-driver and gave no indication of being distressed or out of control.

Damien Bendall met Terri Harris in early 2020, when Terri and her children were living in the Wood house area of Sheffield. The relationship developed and in April 2020 Bendall moved in to live with Terri in her home at New Cross Walk, Woodhouse, Sheffield. Her family were concerned because Damien Bendall had a criminal record and was known to have a drug habit which made him aggressive and unstable.

In September 2020, Terri moved house to live closer to her mother, they moved out of Sheffield to Chandos Crescent in Killamarsh in North Derbyshire. Damien Bendall was already known to have criminal convictions for armed robbery and arson, he was also a known drug user, a regular cannabis smoker and regular cocaine user.

At the time of the murders Bendall was on a 24-month suspended sentence for the arson conviction. He had to report to the Probation Service on a regular basis, his probation officer was aware of his previous convictions for violence, knew about his drug habits but still recorded Damien Bendall as being of “Medium Risk”.

Since the conviction of Damien Bendall for four murders and the rape of an 11-year-old girl, the Probation Service has sacked the probation officer responsible for supervising Bendall on grounds of gross misconduct. Which is little consolation for the families of Terri Harris and her children and the
family of Connie Gent.

The judge sentencing Damien Bendall told the killer that he would never leave prison and would serve the rest of his life behind prison walls.

Why does such a dangerous degenerate deserve to live? If any man deserves the death penalty it is Damien Bendall, multiple killer and child rapist. British Movement campaigns for the return of the Death Penalty to the British justice system.


Top Image: Derbyshire police – Damien Bendall who murdered pregnant woman and three children sentenced to whole life prison term.

Killamarsh deaths: Damien Bendall tells police he killed four people.

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