Nordfront Interviews The BM National Secretary

Nordfront interviews Stephen Frost

Nordfront is a non-partisan online newspaper that believes that ideology is very important in our popular liberation struggle and many of its employees are supporters of the National Socialist worldview.

“Ideologically, Nordfront stands for a broad and popular national socialism adapted to modern Nordic conditions. It is the way forward, but we do not deny our ideological roots and we believe that much inspiration and lessons can be drawn from national movements and thinkers from countries other than Sweden.

Nordfront interviews Stephen Frost, National Secretary of the British Movement, a National Socialist British organisation founded by Colin Jordan in 1968.

Hi Stephen! Thank you very much for wanting to participate in an interview with Nordfront. Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

Hi, yes my name is Stephen Frost and I am a veteran of the NS movement in the UK.

I have a working class background, went to university and have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in history. I am a qualified university lecturer but had to give up my university career when I was outed in the media because of my political involvement. I am the author of two books: ‘Frontkampfer: The life of Et Wolsink’ and ‘T’Waz a Good Fight’ the biography of Colin Jordan.

Can you tell us a bit more about the organisation you represent, the British Movement?

Yes, I am the national secretary of the British Movement, and not its leader as our opponents claim. I am responsible to our national chairman, he is the one who has the final say on the direction of our movement.

The British Movement was founded by Colin Jordan in July 1968, as a continuation of the previous organisation NSM, (National Socialist Movement). The reason for the reorganisation was that we would become broader and reduce the risk of being prosecuted under new tougher laws (Race relations laws).

In 1974, Colin Jordan resigned as leader and that position was taken over by Michael McLaughlin, who led the organisation until 1983.

Until 1982, BM took part in elections, both local and national. Investment was made in areas where we had a fairly strong presence, but we were still somewhat overshadowed by the larger National Front (NF). When Michael McLaughlin closed down the headquarters in 1983 and left the movement, the organisation was left in the hands of a small strong core of activists and organisers to reconstruct and rebuild the British Movement. Since then we have not stood for election. The reason is simply that the democratic electoral system in the UK favours the two major established parties and actively excludes smaller political parties, especially those working on a pro-white platform.

What kind of activism and political work is carried out within the British Movement?

We conduct political struggle on the streets, spread propaganda throughout the UK, and work for a National Socialist counterculture, with meetings and various events, such as our Sunwheel Festival which is in the summer. We also run a social welfare program called Looking After Our Own, where we help nationals in need in any way we can. In terms of media, we also publish a newspaper called ‘Broadsword’.

You also have a women’s section within the British Movement, can you tell us a little more about them?

The British Movement’s Women’s Division was originally started in the 70s, but was discontinued in the mid-80s. The women’s group was relaunched again in the early 90s and has had a very important role in the last 25 years. They organise family events, help with our summer festival and are a cornerstone of our social work.

You have two podcasts, Not On Our Watch and Under The Sunwheel. How has the response been?

The first podcast was “Under the Sunwheel” and it was well received both in the UK and abroad. Unfortunately, it was removed from Youtube following a campaign by an anti-fascist organisation. Being removed from there made it difficult for us at first, and it meant that we had to search for new platforms and channels to reach our old listeners.

We would like to continue to build and develop our podcasts and other social media channels, but as you know, it takes more time, money, equipment and the right people with the right skills to make these projects happen.

You were good friends with Colin Jordan, and are also the author of his biography. Can you tell us a little about him?

Yes, where do I start?

I had periodically corresponded with Colin Jordan in the 80’s and 90’s, mostly regarding his ” Gothic Ripples” newsletter , but we did not meet until 2002. At that time BM had asked if he could do a number of interviews to be filmed and released on DVD. He was more than willing to be involved in that project, and I was part of a small documentary crew and interviewed him at his home over several weekends.

He was an extremely interesting man, he probably had thousands of stories about his political life and all the people he had known and corresponded with. People such as Arnold Leese, George Lincoln Rockwell, Savitri Devi, Matt Koehl, Otto Skorzeny, Hans Ulrich Rudel, Florentine van Tonningen, Frau Ilse Hess and her son Wolf Hess to name a few. His list of political contacts could fill volumes.

Colin Jordan was probably the most politically dedicated person I have ever known. He lived as a National Socialist and continued to fight until his death.

I wrote the book “T’waz a Good Fight”, after pressure from Colin Jordan’s family. He had been planning to write a book about his life for several years, so I got all his diaries, notes and texts and wrote what ended up being “T’waz a Good Fight“.

Do you collaborate with other organisations nationally and internationally?

Absolutely. We have a long tradition of cooperation with National Socialist organisations in several countries. Not just Europe, but also the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and what remains of white resistance in South Africa.

What is the situation in the UK, and as an active National Socialist in the UK?

The situation in Britain for any racially national organisation is difficult. As an openly National Socialist, it is even more difficult. The government is constantly changing and creating new laws regarding freedom of expression and political protests. What could be said and done 20 years ago is illegal today. All kinds of political expression, whether it concerns speech or what is written on e.g. social media is under constant scrutiny, to quell what they call hate crimes. However, this only applies to those who are nationally and racially aware. It does not apply to left-wing groups or those who express anti-white sentiments. There, the authorities ignore what is said and written.

What do you know about the national struggle in Sweden?

Not enough!

I am aware of campaigns and activities from the Nordic Resistance Movement and Nordfront, but we do not get enough direct news from the political struggle in Sweden in the English language. Then we are aware of the situation in Sweden created by mass immigration and traitorous politicians, and understand the important role that the Nordfront and the Nordic Resistance Movement have in the fight against this, and your influence on other countries in the National Socialist struggle.

Do you have something you want to say to Nordfront’s readers?

Yes, the fight for Europe is happening right now. The fight against the globalist strategy to promote people exchange. The Nordic resistance movement is the spearhead of the white resistance in the Nordics. Be strong, be persistent and determined in what will be a long fight.

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  1. Interesting. Good nationalist parties must win throughout Europe. Future generations will be very thankful.

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