Darlington – Another Model Citizen ‘Culturally Enriching’ Society

Urfan Arshad

Urfan Arshad – Described in the crime report in The Northern Echo as “A despicable man who violently robbed his father, carried out a sexual assault on a teenage girl, burgled vulnerable people’s homes, spat in a police officer’s face, and robbed a shop.”

Arshad, a resident of the Harrowgate Hill area of Darlington had a track record of offences committed across Darlington and Middlesborough. Clearly a model citizen demonstrating the contributions he was making to British culture and society.

May 2023 – Teesside Crown Court

The report spoke of the 42-year-old’s crime spree over a period of two years, including violent offences against members of his own family. The court heard how he became homeless and was taken in by his father to live with him, but Arshad had a drug habit and began taking money from his father to buy drugs. If his father refused to give him money, he would threaten and assault the older man, knocking him to the floor, kicking and punching him.

The last straw came when he threatened his father with a knife, forced him to take him to a cash point. He sliced off some of his father’s hair and told him, “That’s your hair but if you don’t give me that money, I will stab you.” So the father gave him £50, but Arshad then forced his father to drive him to buy drugs from a local drug dealer.

The court also heard of a long list of offences he had committed since December 2020:

December 11th 2020: – he sexually assaulted a teenage girl on a train from York to Thornaby. He pleaded guilty at Teesside Magistrates court.
September 21st 2021: – walked into St Barnabas Church in Middlesborough and stole a student’s handbag. He pleaded guilty to the theft.
January 9th 2022: – the violent assault on his father and the theft of money to buy drugs. Pleaded guilty.
March 15th 2022: – Walked into a shop on North Road, Darlington and threatened a female shop worker and forced her to hand over £200 cash. He pleaded guilty to the robbery.
March 20th 2022: – Arshad was arrested and spat in the face of a police officer, knowing that he potentially infected the officer with hepatitis. Just to add to his anti-social behaviour, he then defecated on the floor of his cell and smeared his excrement across the cell walls. This counted as criminal damage.
On the following day, March 21st 2022, he burgled the home of two elderly people in Darlington while pretending to be collecting for charity.

Urfan Arshad was found guilty and jailed for a total of eight and a half years. He was also required to register as a sex offender, which will continue for seven years after he is released from prison.

The supporters of multiculturalism constantly state that the ethnic minority communities contribute a great deal to British society and culturally enrich British communities by their presence and lifestyles. So where does Urfan Arshad fit into that cultural enrichment?


Top Image: Urfan Arshad. Image: Durham Constabulary.

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