Labour – Putting Salfordians Under Threat!

alan henning

An article by council insider and Nationalist guest correspondent ‘Frustrated’.

According to their website, Salford City Council met on Friday 28th April 2023 to honour the late Alan Henning, he was awarded the Freedom of the City – POSTUMOUSLY!

Alan Henning was a kind-hearted Salford taxi cab driver – turned volunteer humanitarian aid worker. He was upset by the plight of the innocent children in Syria during their civil war, and he raised funds to buy aid for them. In 2013, he bravely travelled to Syria to deliver aid, but sadly, his compassionate Christian mission cost poor Alan his dear and precious life.

Alan was abducted and beheaded by ‘British’ Islamic terrorist Mohammed Emwazi, who the media described as “Jihadi John” of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) cell described as “The Beatles” due to their British accents. But the “Beatles” hated Britain for occupying Iraq under Tony Blair, and therefore saw poor British aid worker Alan Henning as a legitimate target to abduct and murder for one of their Islamic State propaganda execution videos.

In October 2014, ISIL released a horrific recruitment video showing the execution of Alan Henning on the internet, to be sickeningly gloated over by their Muslim sympathisers all over the World! Some cynics might feel the honour posthumously awarded to Alan by the Labour Council is a bit of virtue signalling, as it also promotes their ‘Sanctuary City’ – “refugees welcome” policy! But I feel his compassionate mission to deliver much needed aid to vulnerable Syrian women and children in their own war-torn region was laudable and he deserves to be remembered.

The mostly young Muslim men now arriving in boats, are not genuine refugees. If they are, then they are despicable, for leaving their vulnerable women and children behind in a warzone to only be aided by a brave martyred Christian, Salford saint that was the late Alan Henning.

British taxpayers are also forced to pay generous foreign aid to what seems to be endlessly war torn and volatile Islamic countries in the Middle East and Africa. The latest Islamic failed state to hit the news is Sudan, so we can expect even more of their Muslim refugees soon! But large numbers of unvetted Muslim men crashing our borders creates a terror threat: Unvetted Muslim asylum seekers threaten the safety of native Mancunians!

I can understand why millions of war displaced Muslims living in poverty and squalor in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa want to move to the relative security of Britain. I know that Labour Party leaders like Tony Blair and Jack Straw committed an evil war crime by invading Muslim lands and that billions of Muslims are rightfully angry at this unavenged war crime that caused the deaths of millions of totally innocent and impoverished Muslim people.

But even worse for our nation’s security, Tony Blair and Jack Straw encouraged millions of revengeful Muslims to move to Britain. In 2009, Labour Party insider Andrew Neather, an adviser to both Tony Blair and Jack Straw, claimed in his London Evening Standard article that the Labour government’s mass immigration policy was deliberate, to change Britain into a “truly multicultural” country!

Predictably, some angry Muslims, including refugees displaced by war, went on to attack innocent British civilians, as well as a few British parliamentarians too. The Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was the son of Ramadan Abedi, a failed asylum-seeker from Libya, who came to Britain in July 1993. But instead of being deported, he was legally aided by sympathetic left-wing lawyers and persisted with his legal appeals until he was eventually granted refugee status in 1997.

Consequently, in 2017, his ‘home-grown’ Islamic terrorist son, Salman Abedi, was able to murder 22 Manchester Arena concert goers and injure hundreds more. The devastating Muslim terrorist massacre of Manchester concert goers must make native Mancunians fearful of attending large gatherings at places such as shopping centres and football grounds where a lone Muslim terrorist fanatic could easily murder and maim hundreds more Mancunians.

Salman Abedi, was able to murder 22 Manchester Arena concert goers and injure hundreds more.

Yet even today in 2023, regardless of the known and obvious Islamic terrorist danger to our people, Labour politicians are still determined to welcome unlimited numbers of dodgy, unvetted, young Muslim male immigrants into Manchester and Salford. Indeed, the recent ‘successful’ campaign by Labour controlled Salford City Council to be awarded the “City of Sanctuary Award”, for demonstrably welcoming and supporting ‘refugees’, clearly increases the Islamic terrorist threat to the safety of native Salfordians and Mancunians.

Even our biased left-wing media, and the security services have recently acknowledged that a significant number of unvetted Muslim terrorist suspects have entered Britain illegally via the Channel in small boats. So now it is only a matter of time and luck before the next murderous Islamic terrorist attack kills and injures hundreds of unfortunate Britons!

But Labourites are not simply naive in welcoming unlimited numbers of unvetted, fighting age, male Muslim asylum-seekers to Manchester and Salford, they know very well that this will endanger White working-class Mancunians and Salfordians. However, Labour is so ideologically committed to abolishing national borders, and promoting multiculturalism, that they will do this regardless of the terrorist danger, and call you a ‘racist’ if you dare to object to their open borders mass immigration madness!


Top Image: Public Domain: Alan Henning, a Salford taxi cab driver abducted and beheaded by ‘British’ Islamic terrorist Mohammed Emwazi.
Middle: Newspaper announcing the identity of the Manchester Arena bomber.
Bottom: Poster proudly announcing ‘Salford – A City Of Sanctuary’ Award.

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