Freedom and Bread

Freedom and Bread

Is This The Time To Return To The Old National Socialist Slogan Of The Early 1930’s?

The German National Socialists of the late 1920’s and the early 1930’s campaigned “For Freedom and Bread” (Freiheit und Brot), a situation that faced hundreds of thousands of working-class Germans in the face of the financial collapse of the Great Depression and the millions of unemployed.

It was in the face of the so-called ‘Hungry Thirties’ that the National Socialists set up pioneering social welfare organisations like Winter Help (Winterhilfe) ran public soup kitchens in large towns and cities, while motorised units of the SA and SS distributed truckloads of loaves of bread to impoverished rural villagers.

Given the current economic chaos in modern Britain as the Conservative government blindly follows the neo-liberal theories of a market led domestic economy. Unproven theories that were set down by Liz Truss, Kwasi Kwarteng and other aspiring career politicians in “Britannia Unchained” before they were elected as MP’s now direct national policy towards a dead end of failing capitalist strategy. Perhaps the time is near when British National Socialists begin to campaign under the banner of ‘Freedom and Bread’.

Britain in 2022 now has 2,500 registered food banks operating and that number is increasing. It is no secret that this situation has disproportionately hit the towns and cities of Northern England.

British Movement sticker demanding action from ‘our’ leaders.

The British Movement campaign body, ‘Looking After Our Own’ is increasingly relevant in the present situation and as official figures reluctantly admit, at least 3.6 million British households with at least one adult in work are to quote, “just one small push from poverty.”

It is a mark of shame to admit that across the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2022 nearly one in five low-income households face what the Food Foundation calls “food insecurity”. Approximately 10 million adults and 4 million children do not have enough to eat or miss meals, not out of choice but out of financial distress.

Leaving aside the impending tidal wave of increasing energy bills that will hit the British people in the approaching winter of 2022. Nor forgetting that so many nominally British energy companies are in fact owned and operated by global companies either in part or completely in the control of overseas corporations.

Leaving aside the employment or ability to work background of those facing destitution, organisations like the Child Poverty Action Group claim that as many as 800,000 school age children living in poverty are denied free school meals because their parents earn marginally more than the stated guidelines to qualify for free school meals.

Leaving aside the reality that a proportion of the UK population needing those social services and state funded support are non-white, the urban-centred ethnic minorities, there are large numbers of indigenous White British amongst those living in poverty.

The British welfare state which was trumpeted as the great triumph of the “post-war consensus” has gone. The National Health Service has almost collapsed.

Yet, across the UK there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, ‘refugees’ and so-called asylum-seekers living in hotels and Home Office funded housing where they receive free meals, free health care, free social and medical support, free education, free lighting and heating and a weekly financial hand out.

‘Freedom and Bread’ is now becoming a slogan which is increasing in meaning for the White British in 2022, faced as they are with a political class that governs the nation with total disregard for the bulk of the population and a collapsing economy.

National Socialism calls for a nation to stand on its own two feet and to build a Folk Community that looks after the people regardless of class or social status, race and ancestry binds the folk not class or income. Our Race is Our Nation.

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