Detained, Deported – But Unbroken

benny in greece

Coming hard-on-the-heels of the six-hour detention of Spanish Nationalist Isabel Peralta at Manchester Airport on September 24th, comes news that an EU-wide blacklist is active. This blacklist, or mandate, is aimed at White Nationalist individuals, organisations and bands.

Or to put it simply, Liberal/left governments across Europe are becoming ever more nervous as their own populations realise that the old-gang politicians don’t care about them and are happy to replace the indigenous peoples with immigrants. To stop the spread of these anti-establishment views the oh-so-tolerant liberal regimes are bringing in ever more repressive laws.

The latest banning orders were issued against members of the RAC band Whitelaw who were stopped last weekend by border control at Athens airport. Two members of the group, Paul and Benny, were refused entry and detained, the other two, Baz and Steve (who had travelled separately), were allowed in.

Sorry it doesn’t work like that. We don’t, and never will take our orders from you! You don’t represent us or our people and never will. NO SURRENDER!

Benny – lead singer of Whitelaw

On landing in Athens, Benny and Paul were stopped, taken aside, and told they were being denied access to the country. It appears that ‘good old democratic Germany’ had placed a banning order on the group. This was active in every country in the EU.

As Benny explained: “We were told we were going to be deported and sent back on the same aeroplane we had arrived on. Undercover police drove us to the aeroplane then at the last minute changed course and took us through barriers to the airport immigration detention centre. After being searched we were put in a block where every type of illegal immigrant was housed.”

whitelaw in detension
In the detention suite in Greece.

“Bangladeshi’s, Pakistani’s, Syrian’s, Albanian’s, Moroccan’s, all in separate gangs. We were shown a dorm to go into and pretty much left alone, housed with the lesser inmates from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The guards wanted money off us for food and water but we kicked off about it and reminded them that we were neither criminals nor immigrants and demanded food and to be told what they had intended for us. Eventually they told us that we would be deported the next day.”

“We were lucky in one respect though, as Paul had his phone with him and was able to make contact with a few people to let them know what was happening. We also took a few pictures.”

Benny and Paul pose for selfies in a Greek detention Centre.

“After spending hours in the stinking Immigration detention centre with people who have nothing in common with us, we were eventually taken back to the main airport hub and then by armed guard to our flight back to England.”

“While in the immigration detention centre, we noticed various things. While we had to beg for food and water the illegals where given bottles of Coca Cola, chocolate milk, fruit, cigarettes, fresh sandwiches, crisps and chocolate. It was obvious to us that we were deemed lower than the immigrants and that there was a budget for them and not us because we were White. The behaviour of the immigrants as well was totally disgusting and even a two-year-old child from England has more respect than these people had.”

A terrorist? A criminal wanted by Interpol? No, the lead singer of a rock band!

Deported and detained but the show goes on!

“The best news we received was that Baz and Steve were in the country and weren’t going to let the Greeks down, the show must go on. So with some other musicians they had assembled a band together and Whitelaw did play. Just with a new Benny and Paul. So top marks to all of you and respect to everyone who has sent encouraging words to us since.”

“If we are on this banned list for entering Europe, for speaking out about the injustices being carried out in white European countries and to its indigenous people, then how come known criminals, drug lords, paedophiles, the mafia and terrorists are allowed to roam and enter Europe freely? Are we really the biggest threat to Europe? Or are they just frightened that people are seeing through their agenda and by banning us they think they can silence us.”

Reports are just coming in that Baz and Steve were stopped at Manchester airport on the way back from Greece by our wonderful police.

Thanks to Benny for the text and Paul for the images.

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