Hundreds Of Police Out In Rotherham

Rotherham Holiday Inn demo

A demonstration was held on Saturday 18th February outside of the Rotherham Holiday Inn, to protest about the hotel housing illegal immigrants. In October last year, people living next to the hotel complained of late-night music and groups of ‘refugees’ playing football in the car park.

Last year about 130 asylum seekers were moved from the Ibis in Bramley to the hotel in Manvers, Rotherham. It is understood that the Home Office has now extended the contract with the hotel until October 2023.

Unlike other anti-refugee protests, the extreme-left had time to organise a counter-protest under the banner of ‘Refugees Welcome Here’. A leaflet handed out by the anti-British counter-protesters said: “Don’t let the racists divide us. Please join our peaceful protests against the fascist groups who are targeting refugees staying at the Holiday Inn hotel in Manvers, Rotherham.” The leaflet ended by stating, “We need to send a message to them that refugees are welcome in our town.”

The pro-refugee demonstration was made up of a broad-church of the extreme left, including Stand up to Racism, Rotherham Trades Council and Unite against Fascism (a Socialist Worker front organisation). Coaches from Sheffield to Rotherham were organised by the group Stand Up To Racism, no doubt with free travel to encourage attendance at the demonstration.

The reds even managed to roll out Mick Whelan, general secretary of Aslef, the train drivers’ union, who said in a statement: “These families have been forced to flee their homes and are seeking sanctuary here. Britain has a long, rich, and proud tradition of offering help – and offering a home – to the oppressed.”

After the trouble outside of a Merseyside hotel last week, plod was taking no chances. Around 200 police officers were deployed around the Holiday Inn. There was also around 15 police vans and numerous police cars present, with South Yorkshire Police using Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 to specify where protests could take place.

The Yorkshire Live website, (another of ReachPLC ‘news’ websites), stated: “Although there was a febrile atmosphere, police had the situation well under control apart from a dramatic few minutes when some of the pro-refugee protesters managed to break down barriers and rushed over to try to confront the right-wingers.” Yorkshire Live is a sister site of the dreadful Hull Live online news site.

Once again, the police allowed antifa and other marxists to attack concerned parents and patriotic demonstrators without them responding. If the shoe was on the other foot, and it was us attacking them, the number of arrests would hit double figures.

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said two men believed to be involved in the protest were arrested in the area. One was detained on suspicion of obstructing a public highway and is in police custody. The second was detained on suspicion of causing public order offences and has been de-arrested.

It has been reported that patriots visited hotels housing asylum seekers 253 times last year amid a surge in anti-migrant activity across the UK.

The video below exposes just how farcical the UK’s asylum policy is.


Main Image: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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