Japan Wants More Japanese Children

japanese birth rate decline

The population of Japan has been shrinking drastically for decades and the average age is already one of the highest in the world. Japan is also the third-most-expensive country globally to raise a child and that insecurity has led to many young couples delaying, or putting off altogether, starting a family.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida (LDP), recently said in Parliament that “It is now or never when it comes to policies regarding births and child-rearing – it is an issue that simply cannot wait any longer,” he added. Kishida said he would submit plans to double the budget for child-related policies by June, and that a new Children and Families government agency to oversee the issue would be set up in April.

As happened in Hungary, the Japanese have rejected the globalist policy of importing young migrants from around the world to solve the ‘ageing population’ excuse. Instead they are aiming to persuade their own citizens to have more children.

According to official estimates, births fell to a new record low last year in Japan, going below 800,000 for the first time. This watershed moment occurred eight years earlier than the government had anticipated.

The British Movement is dedicated to averting this looming slow-death of our people in Britain and our replacement by people from the Third World. We will not rely on immigration from other cultures, like the governments in Japan and Hungary, but rather aim to encourage White families to have more children. We will recognise motherhood as a vocation, offer marriage loans, and promote the traditional family image.


Top Image: Jason Goh from Pixabay.

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