Living The Dream – Inside The Migrant Hotel

Inside The Migrant Hotel

We’ve all read the newspaper reports. Illegal immigrants complaining at the conditions in British hotels (paid for by the taxpayer). If it’s not the food, it’s the boredom. If it’s not the boredom it’s the treatment they receive from the Serco* staff. These hotels are not suitable they cry. We feel like prisoners. We want a house and a job.

Meanwhile, our freezing homeless can only dream of being taken off the streets and put-up in plush hotels, where they will receive three hot meals a day, clean laundry and showers, plus access to all the hotel’s facilities. A new video has now emerged, seemingly filmed by the migrants themselves, showing just how horrendous their ordeal really is.

The migrants in the footage are living the dream in 17th century Whatley Hall in Banbury Oxfordshire, after crossing the channel from France illegally on a dinghy. Whatley Hall is opposite St Mary’s Centre, which hosts Oxfordshire Homeless Movement’s drop-in centre.

The greedy hotel bosses made all of their staff redundant just three weeks before Christmas and also cancelled all reservations and weddings after being offered 30-pieces of silver by the Home Office.

*Serco Group PLC is a British company with headquarters based in Hook, Hampshire, England. Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services in the North West of England, Midlands and East of England. They provide accommodation, transportation and subsistence payments for asylum seekers whilst their claims are being processed.

It’s a hard life. Now what time is breakfast?

The following comments have appeared on Twitter over the last couple of days and are reproduced unedited.

‘Christ have they got silver service waitresses too! Here’s me worried about putting my heating on & they are housed in luxury while our homeless sleep on the streets.’ 🤬

‘Yes and I’m (71 year old pensioner) sitting in front of my tele’ wrapped in a fucking blanket….’

‘Looked a few times but can’t see one woman or kid there. What the hell is this country doing. People freezing on the streets, old people freezing at home trying to live on their miserable state pension. All wrong.’

🤬 ‘Living the dream while British people are struggling. We have to choose between heat or eat.. while our government is making sure all illegal immigrants are really looked after. This government is a disgrace.’

‘This is disgraceful when our OAP’s are sitting in the dark with 10 layers of clothes on and they are there in vests absolutely disgusting.’

‘Meanwhile a pensioner sits at home in cold unheated living room with bowl of soup and couple of slices of bread….’

‘After they’ve had their food tell them to put something warm and waterproof on as they are going back where they come from in France.’


Top Image: Public Domain.

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