Martyrs Of The Revolution: Erika Jordan

blood-martyr erika jordan

Erika Jordan. 10.01.1915 – 28.10.1932
Gau Berlin
Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM).

The following report on a young female blood-martyr may come as a surprise to some. In fact Erika was the third female martyr to fall in the ‘years of struggle’. The Bund Deutscher Mädel (the League of German Girls), was founded in 1930, and in 1931 it became the female branch of the Hitler Youth. As with the BM Women’s Division today, female comrades play a vital role in the racial Nationalist struggle. What we know about 16-year-old Erika comes from a single source.

‘Erika Jordan, born January 10, 1915, member of the BDM in Berlin, was attacked by members of the Communist Youth of Germany on her way home around September 1932. She died of her severe injuries on October 28, 1932.’

The girl’s death did not appear in the NS press or in the bourgeois newspapers. Books and lists about the period mention the name Erika Jordan only sporadically.

Because of her age, the Berlin residents’ register did not list Erika, however it is possible that the young girl did not actually live in Berlin. Furthermore, the fact that the injury and death occurred about a month apart means that the bourgeois press did not report on it. Another contemporary reference to this third female blood martyr was the naming of a BDM home in Berlin-Dahlem.

A letter from the Intelligence Collection Office of the Reich Minister of the Interior dated November 8, 1932, characterises the street-fighting tactics of the Communists not only in relation to National Socialists, but also against the equally brutalised police.

‘Actions are planned to take wives and children of police officers from their homes and put them in front of the barricades. This is to prevent the officers from using their service pistols.’

The ‘Kontrollratsgesetz Nr. 2’ (enacted 10 October 1945) by the Allied Control Council forbade the NSDAP and all its sub-organisations, including the BDM. Their properties were confiscated – Wikipedia.

Only The Forgotten Are Dead”


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