The British Countryside Is A “Racist and Colonial White Space”

Sir Oswald Mosley

This website has often maintained that the bulk of politically left-wing policy, strategy, and opinion (fed into the mainstream media), comes from a ‘progressive’ metropolitan elite resident in the major cities and the university dominated towns and cities. These ‘progressive’ thinkers and policy influencers are generally totally unfamiliar with the British countryside, rural traditions, village communities, and especially unaware of farming, farmers and rural life.

In recent months, an in-depth report from The Wildlife and Countryside Link has loudly proclaimed the “shock horror” conclusion that the British countryside is “racist” for any non-white, ethnic minority visitor to the British countryside, it is a “White experience” (whatever that might mean).

Some left-wing columnists and broadcasters have gone further and, in true cultural Marxist style, have denounced rural Britain as a “White, colonialist space” and that the rural market towns and villages of Britain, especially in England are ‘hostile and unwelcoming’ to the ethnic minorities.

Of course all this manufactured social justice outrage ignores the fact that since the first non-white colonisers arrived on the Empire Windrush in 1948, and the subsequent mass influx of Pakistanis, Indians and others from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the 1960’s and 1970’s settled in the major cities and industrial towns of the North and the Midlands. London received a huge influx of these colonists and there were other places such as Southampton, Bristol, Swansea and Slough, but rural areas were not what the ethnic minorities wanted.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that over 98% of Britain’s rural population is White, and that many people fled the multi-racial neighbourhoods of London to the rural towns of Essex, Surrey and Kent and Suffolk. This was the great ‘White Flight’ of the 1970’s and 1980s, which the political left prefer to ignore.

People voted with their feet to escape multiculturalism and multi-racial districts, the pattern of ‘White Flight’ was repeated across the Midlands and the North, hence the massive shift into North and Mid Wales by white British folk leaving Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Likewise, the exodus from West and South Yorkshire into the market towns and villages of North Yorkshire, the Vale of York and the coastal towns and villages of the East Coast.

The political Left ideologically hates the largely White British concentrations of the countryside, and is driven by the cultural Marxist obsession with creating a ‘multicultural Britain’. The ‘progressive’ metropolitan elite and their academic allies choose to ignore the fact that most country folk do not want to have their market towns and villages flooded with non-whites, who have no understanding or empathy with rural Britain, and equally ignore the many thousands of those motivated to move into the countryside to escape multi-racial neighbourhoods and all the supposed ‘cultural enrichment’.

The ‘progressive left’ also despises what they term “blood and soil Nationalism” and many Labour councils with rural districts on the fringes of their authority responsibilities often treat those rural enclaves with suspicion and distrust and restrict the allocation of funding for services and community facilities.

Now the farmers of Britain are following their rural compatriots across Europe and are staging tractor convoy protests of varying sizes in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Of course the political left, the cultural Marxists, the progressives and the leftist environmentalists are totally opposed to the farmers, and already some left-wing commentators are describing the protesting farmers of Europe and Britain as being “far-right’.

Left-wing columnists like George Monbiot reminds his readers in the ‘Guardian’ of the roots of ‘blood and soil nationalism’ and “ethno-fascism” in 1920’s and 1930’s Europe. In an article on Friday, January 29th 2024, Monbiot warned the ‘Guardian’ readership that, “The far-right’s exploitation of farmers has chilling echoes.” There were references to the appearance on some of the recent German farmer protests of flags from the Landvolkbewegung, which was, as we are told, “a 1920’s anti-semitic agrarian movement.”

In Britain too, Sir Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts were keen to defend rural communities, and Monbiot is quick to draw reference to those, “nostalgic British farming movements led by fascist sympathisers such as Rolf Gardiner and Jorian Jenks.”

So the urban based progressives and liberals are being warned off support for the current farming protests because within the ‘racist countryside’ there is a dormant support base for the hated ‘Far-Right’.


Top Image: BM Northern.

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