New Leeds Councillor Shouts ‘Allahu Akhbar This Is For Gaza’

Gipton and Harehills Green Party campaign team

After winning a seat on Leeds City Council, a Green Party candidate shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” as his supporters raised a Palestinian flag.

The Gipton and Harehills council ward in the east of Leeds contains two extremes. Harehills is an inner-city area of east Leeds with a large quantity of rented back-to-back terraced housing. The impact of immigration is immediately visible and with their high birth rate, the Muslim ‘community’ is slowly becoming the majority in the area. Gipton on the other hand, is largely White and is a contender for the third-largest council estate in Europe and is plagued by car crime and drugs.

The ward also has the largest proportion of residents receiving unemployment benefits in Leeds, at 15.7%. Like many other wards in the city, it has been solidly Labour for many generations. Until the latest Israeli invasion of Gaza that is. Many of the Muslims who were the natural supporters and activists for Starmer seem to have defected to other ‘progressive’, left-wing groups, including the Green Party.

Social media is alight with a video, self-posted on TikTok by the new Green Party councillor for Gipton and Harehills, Mothin Ali. Councillor Ali, who won the seat with 3,070 votes, said his election to the council was a “win for the people of Gaza.” In his victory speech, Ali said, “We will not be silenced. We will raise the voice of Gaza. We will raise the voice of Palestine. Allahu Akbar!”

We wonder how comfortable the vegans and animal rights activists in the Green Party must feel working alongside people like Mothin Ali, whose faith tells him that animals must be cruelly slaughtered by slitting their throats and letting them bleed to death? Then again, the modern ‘greens’ are more concerned with banning cars, trans-rights and defending illegal immigrants from deportation than protecting these poor sentient creatures.


Top Image: Harehills & Gipton Green Party campaign team. @MyFamilyGarden1
Video: Twitter (X).

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