Blackburn Drug Dealers Jailed For Heroin And Cocaine Conspiracy

Blackburn Drug Dealers Jailed

Another every day story of ‘cultural enrichment’ by members of the ethnic minority community.

Three Blackburn drug dealers were jailed a for total of over 15 years at Preston Crown Court. Two brothers and their cousin received prison sentences this week for operating the ‘Immy’ drug line from Blackburn between May and the end of June 2022. The line was operated by Tussif Ashraf (age 36), Atiq Ashraf (age 33) and their cousin Asraar Ali (age 32).

As was made clear in court, this was a family business operated by the two brothers and their cousin, operating as the ‘Immy’ drug sales line using hire cars to transport and deliver heroin and crack cocaine across Blackburn and the surrounding area.

Asraar Ali took care of the driver insurance for the hire cars, with Atiq Ashraf as sole named driver, their preference was to hire either Volkswagen Golf or Vauxhalls.

The work was divided on the basis of seniority, Tussif Ashraf was the man in charge and the ‘team’ made all of their drug related journeys in hire cars, not in their personal vehicles. All of the drug related phone calls were made on disposable ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones which were topped up at garages and petrol stations across Blackburn and Accrington.

Tussif Ashraf and Asraar Ali would make the drug drop offs all across Blackburn, Atiq Ashraf would make the longer journeys, regularly driving to Liverpool, Widnes and other towns across the North-West to both collect supplies and to deliver heroin and crack cocaine. Tussif Ashraf and Asraar Ali only operated within the Blackburn area.

The ‘Immy’ line operation only lasted a few months before Lancashire Police successfully identified the gang, raided their homes and shut down their drug dealing.

When Atiq Ashraf was raided by police in early July 2022, he had £2,760 in cash hidden at his home, his brother Tussif Ashraf was found to have five mobile phones in his possession, all linked to the ‘Immy’ line activities.

Their trial at Preston Crown Court was fairly swift as all three admitted to being guilty of conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

Tussif Ashraf had previous convictions for drug related offences, and was found guilty on 12 counts for 30 offences, yet surprisingly was only sentenced to 6 years and 8 months imprisonment. Atiq Ashraf was judged to be the junior partner and was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months. Asraar Ali was a first-time offender and was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months.

The illegal trade in Class A drugs, particularly heroin and crack cocaine are a blight on modern British society, a poison in the blood stream of working-class communities, and once again, as this case illustrates, the organisation and distribution of these drugs is emanating from ethnic minority operators. An inconvenient product of multiculturalism that the mainstream media seek to ignore and refuse to highlight.


Top Image: Lancs Police.

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