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Frequent visitors to this site might have noticed a lack of new posts over the last week or so. This was due to the main web admin moving home and having to change his internet service. During this time he was unable to post or do the regular maintenance on the site.

Well we are happy to say that everything is now setup, and normal service should now resume. We have a backlog of posts and will begin to publish them later today.

NB: Any readers who have SKY Broadband should be aware that their broadband ‘Shield’ automatically blocks access to the BM’s main website and the BM Northern site along with a number of other genuine racial Nationalist sites. This ‘Shield’ can easily be turned off in the Settings section of your account.

The British Movement is happy to receive articles for possible inclusion on this site from members and supporters across the North of England. Please remember that we have to operate within the laws of this country – we will not include any content that is against the current laws of the United Kingdom. News reports should be topical and be relevant to the regions covered by this website.

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