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This post was first published on the BM Northland blog on March 7, 2023, under the title; ‘The State Has Its Sights Set on Preventing “Far-Right Extremism” from “Threatening Democracy and British Values”. We are happy to reproduce it here, with thanks to BM Head Office.

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A British Movement perspective on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent speech.

Our unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made his cringe-worthy public statement about the threat to “our democracy” posed by extremists from the media podium outside 10 Downing Street on Friday, March 1st, 2024.

Most of what Prime Minister Sunak had to say was motivated by the pro-Palestine and pro-Gaza demonstrations that have flooded London every weekend since October last year. The overt Islamist activities linked to extreme left-wing organisations has spilled over into threats against individual MP’s, intimidation of Jewish organisations, synagogues, schools and businesses.

The very public displays of support for jihadist organisations, Hamas and other militant Islamist organisations are causing the Establishment a good deal of anxiety.

Yet, the unelected Prime Minister puts the Islamist movement alongside the undefined ‘Far-Right extremism’ as an equal threat to what Rishi Sunak considers to be ‘democracy’.

Rishi Sunak had obviously been briefed by his advisors to avoid just blaming Muslims and Islamists, but to show ‘balance’ in his approach by also blaming ‘Far Right extremists’ for threatening British democracy!

Since the year 2000, the actions of Islamist terrorism have killed over one hundred and fifty British citizens and wounded hundreds more, including the murder of the MP Sir David Amess

There has been no comparable campaign of bombings, stabbings and assassinations carried out by ‘Far-Right’ extremists compared to the proven track record of Islamist jihadists or lone-wolf Islamist terrorists like the Manchester Arena bomber or the Liverpool taxi bomber.

The only actual death to be attributed to a so-called ‘Far-Right’ terrorist was the Labour MP Jo Cox, allegedly killed by a “Far-Right” activist. Although her attacker, Tommy Myers was known to be mentally ill, had non-white family members he held in high regard and, most tellingly, was unknown in British Nationalist networks across Yorkshire and the North of England.

A handful of alleged ‘Far-Right’ extremist attacks have been the actions of mentally disturbed individuals or part of a so-called ‘race hate’ attack rather than the actions of someone ideologically motivated as part of an organised group.

Moreover, there are still many unanswered questions around the death of Jo Cox, the involvement of MI5 and other elements of the security services in the arrest of Thomas Myers, the unusual nature of his trial and other aspects of the build up to the trial. Certainly there were political elements which were exaggerated to ‘prove’ Myers ideological background and some dubious claims around political meetings and subscription lists that he may or may not have been involved with.

When it comes to state oppression, the trial and conviction of Sam Melia, the Yorkshire-based organiser for Patriotic Alternative is a clear indication of how far the justice system is being driven by left of centre political thinking. The trial at Leeds concluded just over two weeks ago and Sam Melia was convicted and jailed for two years for the ownership and distribution of Nationalist stickers. The slogans were not illegal under the terms of the Public Order Act, but the judge was obviously politically prejudiced against Sam Melia’s political beliefs, and was determined to make an example of Mr Melia as a warning to others. There was no suggestion of terrorism or organised political violence; this case revolved around the use and distribution of political material.

* A detailed article on the trial and conviction of Sam Melia is available to view on this website. The article is entitled ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ and can be found here >>

Add to this the curious case of the international mail order sales lists of Midgard Records, the Swedish music, recording and related merchandise supply company. A legally operating business with overseas customers and bands under its label. Just over one year ago, the premises of Midgard Records was ‘raided’ by the Swedish political police, even though all its tax payments and bank accounts were legitimate and the company was fully complying with Swedish laws. Midgard Records was politically linked to Rock Against Communism and also Blood and Honour bands.

Only weeks after the Swedish political police had trawled through Midgard Records offices, copies of Midgard’s international customer sales lists mysteriously appeared on AntiFa internet sites in both Scandinavia and Germany. Likewise, Midgard mail order customers across Europe were being approached by the political police in their home countries. Obviously, the Midgard customer lists had been duplicated by the Swedish security police and widely circulated to the police in other European countries as well as to hostile AntiFa and left-wing organisations.

Then, in autumn 2023, the BM Sunwheel Office began to receive reports from both BM members and supporters, and from persons involved with other British Nationalist organisations that their homes were being ‘visited’ by groups of either two or three plain clothed police officers, allegedly from one of the regional Counter Terrorism centres, checking up on those identified as international customers on the Midgard Records sales lists.

No suggestion of any crimes being committed by being customers of a legal Swedish music and merchandise company, but the police were keen to ask questions about personal political beliefs and related matters. This was evidence of the ‘Deep State’ in action, political ‘thought crimes’ being investigated as a means of warning potential future suspects.

BM Sunwheel Office has also received reports that known BM activists and other British racial Nationalists are being ‘pulled’ at British airports on their return to the UK and subjected to at least two hours of ‘questioning’ before being released. No charges of course, and no suggestion that they have committed any crimes, but the security personnel retain their smart phones and similar devices for up to a week in order to carry out a “full investigation” into their activities. All based on “intelligence led” information provided by the police.

Although most of these ‘visits’ to the homes of Nationalists and the inconvenience and deliberate element of threat involved with airport detentions and ‘questioning’ are all part of the political police agenda. Harassment and intimidation, coupled with the threat of potential future arrest and prosecution for unspecified offences, are all part of a strategy to deter people from being involved in ‘Far-Right’ activity, even though such involvement is not illegal and no actual crimes are being committed.

Obviously, ‘Thought Crimes’ – the kind of world envisaged by George Orwell in his fictional novel “1984” is drawing closer to reality, especially when Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, feels that his ‘democracy’ is under threat by “Far-Right extremists”.

It is an unfortunate situation now in the United Kingdom that the civil servants at the Home Office and the senior leadership of the police forces nationally have become politically aligned to the centre-left, with a significant element leaning further to the left, the focus being on ‘Woke’ social justice issues centred around ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Equality’. Obviously this leftward shift has a major influence on police training, with the College of Policing having a direct hand in underpinning police politics and the push towards ‘community cohesion’ and ‘diversity’.

Such shifts in police leadership politics and the civil service/Home Office ideological stance move all questions as to what constitutes ‘Far-Right extremism’ away from the traditional British policing stance of “without fear or favour” into the territory of the kind of two-tier policing recently seen on the streets of London, where pro-Palestine and pro-Gaza demonstrations and protests have been lightly policed by the Metropolitan Police. Where on the Armistice weekend in November 2023 at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, the MET and their reinforcements from outside police forces were ready to draw batons and make mass arrests of the assembled patriots and Nationalists, all their handling of pro-Gaza activists was at arm’s length.

Moreover, it has been repeatedly recorded over recent months where uniformed police officers, usually the MET, have threatened arrest, violence and have man-handled patriotic protestors holding up the St George’s Cross flag or the Union flag. One MET officer was filmed threatening a small group of young men because the St George’s Cross flag they held up was a “racist” symbol!

Consider how many times in recent months MET police officers have stood back as pro-Gaza marchers have paraded jihadist flags and banners through central London, including on occasion the flag of ISIS and flags of Hamas (proscribed jihadist organisations). Police officers have even posed for photographs with children and teenagers dressed as Hamas fighters.

There is a very real danger that recently recruited police officers are being conditioned to believe that any expression of patriotism or British Nationalism is a potential public order offence; moreover, any objection to immigration or illegal migrants is “racist” and therefore ‘Far-Right extremism’. Therefore all and any high-profile public activity by British Nationalists will have young, eager police officers falling over themselves to make arrests for imagined offences, or even worse, the likelihood of British Nationalists being pepper-sprayed or struck with police batons because some ethnic minority police officer have decided that such displays of ‘Far-Right extremism’ pose a threat and an offence in themselves.

At the time of writing, there is no legal definition in British law as to what is or is not ‘Far-Right’ or where holding certain political or ideological beliefs goes from ‘Far-Right’ into ‘Far-Right extremism’. Bearing in mind that some left-wing commentators and Labour Party MP’s have accused some Conservative MP’s of being ‘Far-Right’. To add to the uncertainty, some left-wing journalists and commentators describe the GB News channel as being an outlet for the ‘Far-Right’ and certain YouTube personalities, such as Katie Hopkins, are described by leftists as ‘Far-Right’.

The danger is, of course, that certain unnamed figures in the civil service, particularly at the Home Office will take it upon themselves to decide which organisations and individuals are ‘Far-Right extremists’, with the added danger that individual police officers will take it upon themselves to decide who is or what activity is ‘Far-Right extremism’. And that of course creates no end of problems of on-the-spot arrests, seizures of property and low ranking uniformed police officers making decisions which are way above their pay grade and based on almost no knowledge of what they are dealing with.

If a Labour Government led by Sir Keir Starmer comes to power after a General Election at some time this year, we can expect a push by Labour Party idealists to define new laws to halt the supposed threat of ‘Far-Right extremism’, coupled with a new range of ‘Hate crime’ laws, new curbs on freedom of speech and political expression, new Public Order legislation, together with new restrictions on displays of Nationalist symbols and of course restrictions on displaying the flag of St. George and the Union Flag (Union Jack).

In tandem with the above, there will probably be a range of guarantees of political and religious freedoms for Muslims in the UK, greater freedoms for radical left-wing political protests, and environmentalist demonstrators.

And don’t be surprised if certain ‘Far-Right’ political parties are declared illegal or at the very least prohibited from standing in elections on the grounds of ‘community relations’.

No doubt some organisations will be proscribed and banned from existence.

All the above has of course had the professional anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations giddy with excitement. Over recent months, some of these groups have been pushing the myth of ‘Far-Right extremism’ at every opportunity and they make maximum use of their networks of sympathetic Labour Party MP’s, Labour Party advisers, civil service contacts and useful Home Office allies. At the same time feeding their ‘research’ and alleged ‘undercover reporting’ into the eager hands of the apparatchiks at PREVENT.

These organisations, together with some of their George Soros funded affiliates cannot believe their luck because Sunak’s anti-extremism speech included exaggerated threat references to the ‘Far Right’ means that they can steer government and civil service attention against those organisations and individuals they are ideologically opposed to.

Why turn out on the streets when you can influence state agencies into doing the dirty work for you?

Britain is being steered in a very perilous direction by globalist politicians, which includes not only the multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak, but also the WEF devotee Sir Keir Starmer, and lurking in the wings of a future Labour Government Sir Tony Blair and some of his former New Labour team.

British Nationalism and British National Socialism will be targeted in any politically motivated drive against ‘Far Right extremism’, but we must stay resolute, avoid any state engineered ‘honey traps’, false flag groups suddenly appearing and any wannabe armed insurrection terrorist types.


Top Image: Rishi Sunak,
Image2: Azurevanilla ash, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.
Image3: Alisdare Hickson from Woolwich, United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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