Rudolf Hess: A Murder Case Solved? Part Two

rudolf hess October 1918

Main Image: Leutnant Rudolf Hess sits in the cockpit of his Fokker D.VII biplane fighter from Bayerische Jagdstaffel (Bavarian Fighter squadron) 35 of the Luftstreitkräfte, the air arm of the Imperial German Army circa October 1918 at Gosselies near Charleroi, Belgium.

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Continued from Part One…..

There are many other complications to the story of what happened in Spandau in August 1987, but the latest evidence points firmly towards Tony Jordan as the man with means, motive and opportunity. And also a man who could rely on supportive statements from his fellow prison warders, but not from the nurse Abdallah Melaouhi, an honest and decent man who was outside their ‘club’.

While various alternative conspiracy theories – including the ludicrous suggestion repeatedly put forward by the British Dr Hugh Thomas, that the prisoner who lived for forty years at Spandau and died there was not Rudolf Hess at all but some sort of “double” – have no merit, there certainly is more than one guilty British secret to explore in relation to Hess.

The entire story of course reflects very badly on Churchill’s Britain, whom Hess approached with a sincere offer of peace, only to be treated as a war criminal, interrogated under torture and under the influence of drugs, and jailed for forty-six years. And was this dishonourable treatment even in Britain’s interests? Hess was after all offering a peace deal that would have left Germany free to destroy the true enemy of Britain and Europe – Stalin’s barbaric Soviet Union – while leaving the British Empire intact.

As Hugh Dalton, Churchill’s minister in charge of the “dirty tricks” side of the war effort – the Special Operations Executive (SOE) summarised the Hess mission in his diary on 16th June 1941: “Hess said that the ground plan of Mein Kampf remains unchanged. Russia was the enemy, but England, if she wished, might still be the friend of Germany. Germany would take the Continent of Europe and England might have the rest of the world. Only some evil influences, in both countries, had deflected us from paths of cooperation and had, temporarily, led Hitler to follow other tactics than those which he had laid down in Mein Kampf. “Hess thought that it would be a terrible mistake if English and Germans went on bombing each other when they might divide the world between them.”

British intelligence knew that Hess wasn’t mad. In fact for months British analysts had been predicting a German attack on the Soviet Union, and three days before Dalton’s diary entry above, senior MI5 officer Guy Liddell wrote in his diary: “SIS [the British intelligence service MI6] report that the German advance on Russia will take place towards the end of this month.”

Indeed it did, on 22nd June 1941. By rejecting Hess’s offer, Churchill ensured both the destruction of the British Empire and Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, with consequences that still loom over our continent in 2022. More specifically, while there is no evidence that Britons (official or unofficial) killed Hess in Spandau in 1987, there most certainly was British involvement in a plot to kill Hess in England within months of his arrival.

Since 1941 British authorities have suppressed the truth about this earlier plan to murder Rudolf Hess, even though Britain’s security service MI5 was responsible for foiling the plot, which involved Polish and Zionist intelligence officers as well as a British sniper and SOE officer. For the full background on this story see my forthcoming book which will be featured in H&D and in regularly updated articles at my Real History blog –

A fortnight before Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union, Guy Liddell of MI5 recorded that “certain members of the Polish forces in Scotland have been plotting to kidnap and murder Hess.” He assumed that their motive was “that Hess may be making peace overtures and that this will be listened to by the British Government. Nothing of course could be further from the truth.”

Within three weeks MI5 had compiled a full report into this “Polish plot” to kill Hess. The report itself is still highly classified – perhaps the best way for today’s British government to dispel notions of British involvement in killing Hess in 1987 would be to release these 1941 documents in full. One problem might be that a particular sort of “Pole” was involved in the 1941 plot to murder Hess – the same sort of ”Poles” or should we say (((Poles))) who later instigated the character assassination of the entire German people?

Moreover, at least two important Britons were implicated in the plot. Twenty-five-year-old SOE officer Alfgar Hesketh-Prichard was an expert sniper whose father had been one of the pioneers of sniping. Though a gentile, he also had family ties to Zionist intelligence networks, which I discuss in detail in my forthcoming book. Even after his role in the aborted Hess murder plot, Hesketh-Prichard was appointed SOE liaison in charge of the Czech mission to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich in May 1942.

Alfgar Hesketh-Prichard, the expert sniper at the centre of the 1941 plot to murder Rudolf Hess. Hesketh-Prichard disappeared on a mission in the Balkans in December 1944 and his body was never found.

At a more senior, backroom level, 51-year-old Lt. Col. Norman Coates was deputy chief of the prisoner of war department in London, and direct superior to Col. Malcolm Scott who commanded ‘Camp Z’ where Hess was being held.

Coates was dismissed following the Hess investigation, when it was discovered that he had “been making money on the side”. He had a questionable financial record dating back to the 1920s when he had been bankrupted, and there was suspicion of fraud involving an appeal to erect a monument on the Mount of Olives. Coates had served during the First World War as Military Secretary to Gen. Edmund Allenby, commander of British forces in the Middle East, whose campaign to conquer Palestine was greatly assisted by a still-mysterious Zionist espionage organisation – the NILI Ring.

This was the type of Englishman who had the highest level access to secret information about Hess, and who could be suborned by those with the most direct interest in making absolutely certain that there would be no Anglo-German peace deal.

On the credit side of the ledger, British security authorities in 1941 made certain that this murder plot failed. On the debit side, one reason why they did so is that they were confident Churchill’s government would not agree to Hess’s proposals. Zionist and Polish intelligence operatives were evidently not so certain, or at least wanted to make absolutely sure by removing Hess from the equation.

The suppression of evidence (for more than 80 years!) about this plot is because in the historiography of the Second World War certain people must always be portrayed as victims, never as perpetrators.

It now appears that ever since 1987 the four Allied powers have silenced the truth about Hess’s eventual murder – a murder which this time resulted not from a conspiracy but from the wilful blindness of prison authorities. In the era of ‘Black Lives Matter’, who cares about the life of one of the 20th century’s greatest heroes, a man who sacrificed his life in a desperate effort to make peace between Britain and Germany?

Peter Rushton, Manchester, England.

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