The Threat To Our Freedom – Neil Oliver

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The latest video monologue by historian and broadcaster Neil Oliver. From migration and the ‘climate emergency’ to 15 Minute Cities and ULEZ, it is all part of a Globalist plan. But there are encouraging signs that people are becoming more aware of what is going on.

“Migration is the free movement of people. Any British government that wanted to stem the flow, or stop it, would stop it in a day. But the puppets pretending to govern aren’t allowed to…. The ship of state is being steered, but by officers none of us proles chose and to a destination none of us want”
Neil Oliver.

Britain Awake!

“Whatever the puppet government and the puppet opposition say about anything is always and only to distract from the real plan and therefore the real threat to our freedom and way of life”

Neil Oliver


Main Image: yahoo!news.
Video: Youtube.

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