Sinn Féin – Brits Out, Immigrants In!

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East Wall Protesters Turn On Sinn Féin Leader.

As many as 700 locals from the East Wall area of Dublin gathered to protest outside a building used to house asylum seekers, just days after a similar demo was held last weekend. Both protests took place outside the former ESB building, which has been converted into accommodation for refugees by the government.

The arrival of asylum seekers in the inner-city Dublin area has led to heated demonstrations, with the protesters demanding “consultation”. Up to 370 single male ‘refugees’ could be accommodated in the East Wall’s old ESB building.

Locals were reportedly not consulted about the building being commandeered, and were later told that the centre was earmarked for Ukrainian women and children.

However, protesters now say that all of the refugees bused in under cover of darkness turned out to be young, adult men from Africa and the Middle East. This created significant unease among locals, as they say the new arrivals are unvetted.

“We need to be very careful not to make the mistake of confusing consultation with communities, which is important, with the idea that any community can have a veto on the kind of people who get to live in their area. That’s not right,”

Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland).

The first arrivals last week were a group of single men from Afghanistan, Somalia, and Nigeria, with up to 380 people including families set to be housed at the building, as the Government tries to meet the demand for accommodation for refugees.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald was booed and branded a “traitor” by the residents, who are angry at migrants been given housing ahead of the indigenous Irish. Showing her anti-white Marxist credentials, she has condemned the “misplaced anger” of East Wall protests.

The Dublin Central constituency (which includes East Wall), consists of largely traditional working-class areas and is represented by McDonald. Many expressed anger at the Sinn Féin leader and her party for their apparent silence on the issue, with some loudly asking “Where is Mary Lou?”

One of her 2020 election posters was held up in front of the crowd, though it had been altered. The slogan “Working For You,” was modified to read “Not Working For Us – Working For Herself.” As it was held up, it was met with loud boos from the working-class crowd.

Apologists for McDonald and pro-migrant groups were quick to try and smear the protesters, with one saying: “Fringe elements of the far right are making people have a sense of fear of the unknown. I think that is what manifested itself last night and on Saturday.”

The half-Indian Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar (who is gay and whose father was born in Bombay), condemned the protestors, saying that while communities should be “consulted” on these matters, they cannot simply “veto” proposals.

It seems that the “Brits out – immigrants in” mantra isn’t going down too well for Sinn Féin in The Republic. The same problems facing working-class communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster, are now being visited on Ireland – all with Sinn Féin’s blessing.

Racial Nationalist comrades across Europe please take note: Sinn Féin/IRA are not genuine Nationalists. They are international socialists. In short, they are hell-bent on destroying everything that we love and hold dear.

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