The Infiltration of Degeneracy: Drag Queen Story Hour

Drag Queen Story Time

Last year in the USA, a concerted effort was made to promote a series of events called ‘Drag Queen Story Time’, where public venues, schools, pre-schools, libraries and sports halls would host special sessions for children, often very young children. Often the focus for a lot of angry protests, some of the story-telling sessions in the USA took place in doubtful venues including gay bars and gay cabaret clubs. Investigations by US law-enforcement identified a number of convicted sex-offenders amongst some of the drag queen story tellers.

Now this degenerate agenda is being served in the United Kingdom by an organisation called ‘Drag Queen Story Hour (UK) Ltd, which appears to be trying to pass itself off as being part of a children’s entertainment business. The story-telling and interactive reading events are aimed at children between the ages of 3 years and 11 years of age. The promotional material promises that events will be “providing fun and interactive story shows for children.”

Although a number of so-called ‘story-tellers’ are being quoted, the individual behind DQSH (UK) is Sab Samuel, a 27-year-old man who appears in full drag makeup and costume on most of the promotional content and press coverage.

It is rumoured that Sab Samuel is not only active in certain LGBTQ/Gay rights groups but has been allegedly involved in gay adult entertainment possibly including gay pornography. So far this has not been confirmed but social media output from Sab Samuel himself suggests it could be true. Sab Samuel has been quoted in the national press as stating “love has no age” which sounds disturbingly like a suggestion that under age children can indulge in homosexual or lesbian sex.

Unfortunately there is a lot of content on Mr Samuel’s own social media output to suggest that the assorted social service child safeguarding teams should take a closer look at his attitudes and consider if he is a suitable person to be involved in activities involving impressionable young children. Consider the extracts below from his alter ego ‘Aida H Dee’.

Would you want him anywhere near your children?

On Saturday August 6th 2022, as reported previously on the British Movement Northern region web site, the Drag Queen Story Hour turned up in Leeds and was confronted by a pan-Nationalist protest together with concerned parent’s groups and some Christian activists.

Not surprisingly the political Left has leapt to the defence of DQSH and is keen to mobilise ‘all anti-fascists and progressives’ against what they describe as “bigotry against LGBTQ+” and ‘Far-Right’ hatred. Interestingly the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is keen to build a campaign to ‘defend Drag Queen Story Hour’ events and by a distortion of its prime motivation, is involving the SWP front organisation ‘Stand Up To Racism’ in defending the DQSH tour.

Sab Samuel himself has stated in press interviews that he is being targeted by ‘Far-Right and Neo-Nazi groups’ and is subject to a lot of on-line threats and hate messages.

According to DQSH (UK) promotional material, a number of towns across the North of England are part of the Drag Queen Story Hour Summer Tour, it has already visited Crewe in Cheshire, but Rochdale Borough Council has postponed booked events in mid-August for libraries in Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton.

As listed above, the planned three events on August 6th at libraries in the Leeds area were confronted by Nationalists and patriots, forcing two of the three venues to cancel. Still on the list are Blackpool, Stockton on Tees, Billingham, and Bolton and with unclear promises to visit Liverpool and Manchester.

Hopefully enough protestors can be mustered to ensure that the local authorities put a stop to this programme of degeneracy.

More ‘harmless’ educational fun from Aida H Dee.

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