Southport Litter Pick

BM litter pick 28.03.2024

Once again, activists from BM North West have been out and about removing discarded litter from a woodland in the seaside town of Southport, Merseyside. In today’s consumer society, there will always be selfish people who think it’s ok to just drop their litter wherever they want. BM is leading by example in showing social responsibility and respect for our surroundings. This is the activists report:

On Thursday 28th March, activists from BM Northwest met up in Southport for a litter pick in a nearby woodland area. They were thanked by a member of the public and some youths wanted to help out by picking up some plastic bottles.

The activists then headed into the town centre to give out food, drinks, snacks and wet wipes to the homeless. They were unsuccessful in finding any homeless on the streets (which is a good thing!), so they donated it all to a local food bank.

BM activists also donated food to a local food bank.
The activists also took down some degenerate stickers around Southport.

Simple gestures such as looking after your countryside and folk runs through the blood of all National Socialists. Southport Awake!


All Images: BM North West.

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