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Midgard Records

The following report is from Benny, lead singer with the RAC band Whitelaw and co-presenter with Steve F. of the British Movement podcasts, Under the Sunwheel and Not On Our Watch.

Police, Politicians, Political Agendas, Working Hand-In-Hand With Extreme Left-Wing Eco-Terrorists.

Not long ago we warned you about the so-called leak that had occurred, where extreme left-wing eco-terrorists had circulated a list with the names and addresses of customers of Midgard Records in Sweden.

It came to light that Midgard had been targeted by the Swedish police and that information stored on their computers suddenly ended up in the hands of left-wing eco-terrorists. British Police decided to inform every British customer on their list that they should be careful because they were now known to left-wing extremists.

They made visits in person, asking various questions and generally snooping and prying to gather information on anyone who was involved, either musically or just politically motivated against this current shower of shite running our country. Even though none of the people on the list had broken any laws (or neither had Midgard), they have been conducting a witch hunt.

The political police have been asking questions like, how do you get to find out about gigs? Do you go to gigs? Did you buy Skrewdriver merchandise? Do you follow Whitelaw? Do you know Benny? And so on and so on. What the fuck has that got to do with Antifa? Antifa who are supposedly threatening violence, but don’t appear on any form of government extremist list? Why are they not going after them?? Why are they going after customers of Midgard? Just because they bought a t-shirt or cd?

It has come to light tonight from a friend of the band and mine, that he has been refused his visa to go to America on holiday with his family. Only him, not the rest of the party he was going with. Yes, and you’ve guessed it, he was on the list of shoppers that the police visited. He has been to the US numerous times before with absolutely no bother, hasn’t got a criminal record and is as clean as a whistle.

His only crime is that he decided to buy from a patriotic music label. This is proof that all the above in the title of this article are working hand-in-hand with each other and proof that there most certainly is an agenda against us.

SO BE WARNED! Be careful! Expect the unexpected! Don’t take your phones when travelling! Don’t make it easy for them!

REMEMBER! We are not doing anything wrong! We have our opinion and our opinion is backed by the majority not the minority, WE WILL HAVE OUR DAY!!!

Benny Whitelaw


Top Image: Midgard records logo. Background photo by King’s Church International.

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