The Brutal Murder Of Alfie Lewis

The brutal murder of Alfie Lewis

Alfie Lewis was an indigenous White British teenager, but his life was taken by the violent actions of an immigrant teenager, Bardia Shojaeifard, a young man said to be obsessed with knives.

Such was the violent nature of this killing in broad daylight that the judge at Leeds Crown Court lifted the usual reporting restrictions and allowed the 15-year-old murderer to be named and identified in the news media. The details of the murder and the calculated, cold-blooded nature of the attack on Alfie Lewis was made clear in the newly released court reports.

Friday, 21 June 2024
“A youth has been given a life sentence for the murder of 15-year-old Alfie Lewis, who was stabbed and fatally wounded in Leeds last year. Bardia Shojaeifard, who was 14 at the time of the murder and is now 15, was convicted following a unanimous verdict by a jury at the conclusion of his trial at Leeds Crown Court on May 3. Today he was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 13 years.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson said: “Shojaeifard targeted Alfie in a premeditated and planned attack using murderous violence to end his young life, for which there can be no excuse or justification.

“His actions have robbed Alfie of his future and left his family and friends absolutely devastated. No sentence will ever compensate them for their loss. The evidence has shown that the youth convicted of Alfie’s murder had planned and prepared to attack him, taking a kitchen knife from home, and waiting until the end of the school day, when he knew where he could find him.”

The court and West Yorkshire Police released evidence photographs of Bardia Shofaeifard posing for photographs both in his family home and outdoors with an assortment of large knives and machetes. One image was shown to have been taken at a location outside the UK with Shofaeifard dressed completely in black with a hood covering his head, the knife he is holding is enormous. Bardia Shofaeifard is clearly a dangerous young man with very dangerous ideas and obsessions.

The court also heard:
“Witnesses recalled Alfie looking ‘surprised and shocked’ and saying: ‘What are you doing?’ as the incident unfolded close to St Margaret’s Primary School in Town Street, Horsforth, just before 3pm on November 7, 2023.

The prosecutor said: ‘Alfie did not get as far as meeting any of his friends that day. He was approached by Shojaeifard and stabbed twice – once in the chest and once in the leg. He collapsed and died in the road close to the primary school in full view of scores of pupils leaving school and the people who were waiting to collect them.’

Mr Hassall said a post-mortem examination found that the fatal stab injury was a 14cm deep wound to Alfie’s chest which punctured his heart. He told the jury the defendant ‘then fled the scene, dropping the murder weapon in the road close to the primary school’.

The court heard that all of the witnesses were ‘consistent’ in saying that Alfie was ‘not the aggressor’ that day. Senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson said Alfie “was not involved in gangs or any other criminality that could have put him at risk of knife crime”.

However, mainstream media outlets and liberal journalists have ignored any suggestion of cultural or racial elements behind this murder. Most mainstream media outlets have avoided any references to Shojaeifard’s ethnic background or his Middle Eastern origins, believed to be Iranian or North African.

The attitude of the mainstream media was best illustrated by the online reporting of the personal background details for Bardia Shojaeifard. The initial reports gave a full and in-depth personal history of the teenager, including a family history. However within a day these details were taken down and a limited history of the trial was available. It would seem that some high-level influence had been used to censor this information, probably in the interests of ‘diversity’ and ‘community cohesion’.

It now appears to be standard practice to censor all forms of publicly accessible information in order to remove anything that casts multiculturalism, immigration, ethnic minorities, or minority wrongdoing in a negative light, and has to be silenced. Public interest and the truth no longer count under the current liberal ‘social democratic’ system.

Remember what British Movement has been saying for years: ‘If these people had not been allowed to settle in Britain, then this crime would not have taken place.’


Top Image: West Yorkshire Police.
Lower Image: Compilation.

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