A Gender-Queer Vicar Named Bingo


In 1923, a group of Marxist intellectuals questioned why there hadn’t been a socialist revolution in a cultured and developed industrialised nation like Germany. Why did Germany not experience the Bolshevik-style Revolution that had been successful in Russia a few years earlier? They came to the conclusion that the main method of oppressing the masses without those masses recognising it is through culture and the use of the media.

The group, which was made up of philosophers, cultural critics and sociologists, founded the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research. Known popularly as the Frankfurt School, they looked at the failed Spartacist revolution of 1919. Freikorps troops had crushed the violent uprising led by Karl Leibknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Germany and Europe narrowly avoided Marxist revolution.

But they did not go away. Departing Germany after the NS revolution, some critical theorists focused on American culture. Capitalist ideology permeated film, radio, popular music, and literature. Adorno, a prominent Frankfurt School theorist, warned against an American “culture industry” that blurred fact and fantasy, politics and economics.

Their conclusion was that they had to change society to win. The war on the family, the demotion of marriage, attacks on the church and morals, labelling our history and heritage as racist or irrelevant, all may seem just like woke madness. But it is all part of the roadmap that began way back in 1923. Today we can see the fruits of their labours all around.

The story reproduced below, which appeared in the Liverpool Echo last week, although a non-story in itself, shows just how far the mind-benders have progressed in their long-war against society.

The Church of England have ordained what is thought to be the first openly non-binary vicar, according to Bingo Allison, a father/mother of three who identifies as gender-queer. In an effort to encourage those who find themselves in a similar circumstance, Bingo, of Norris Green,often attends various schools and assemblies. She refers to her/himself as ‘they’.

According to Bingo, the 36-year-old has encountered ‘wonderful and devout’ Christians who identify as LGBTQ+. Such folks, according to Bingo, “are a blessing to the church.”

After meeting such individuals, Bingo realised that they wished to separate themselves from their traditional and orthodox worldview. Bingo was raised in a “very Christian” home where homosexuality was only described as a “sinful thing.”

Bingo first learned the phrase “gender-queer” seven years ago, and “everything instantly clicked” after that. They thought about delaying their exploration of their identity until ‘they’ had completed their vicar training. But it turned out to be more challenging than ‘they’ had anticipated.

“Coming out to myself rather than staying in the closet was much harder than I expected,” they continued. “There were undoubtedly many moments in the past when I had some doubts about who I was, but because I was raised in a more fundamentalist version of Christianity, it seemed so improbable at the time.”

“I didn’t know any trans people and I think I probably met two gay people in my life. So it was almost like another planet to me. There were a few times when I really questioned things. But because I didn’t really have the vocabulary to describe my experience it just kind of didn’t go anywhere.”

Oh, for f**** sake. Our children are having this madness forced down their throats by teachers and the media. Roll on the NS revolution……


Main Image: Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash.

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