The Fanatics Destroying Free Speech

Ursula Haverbeck

Following her conviction two years ago, 95-year-old fighter for the truth Ursula Haverbeck may have to serve her prison term in a judicial hospital. It’s still unknown if this will occur. According to a spokesman for the Berlin judiciary, they had contacted the Fröndenberg Correctional Hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia and are currently awaiting a response.

Ursula was sentenced to one year in prison without parole by a Berlin court in 2022 for sedition (holocaust denial). Because of her age and state of health, she was examined by a medical officer at her home. The predictable result was that serving the sentence was deemed possible under certain conditions of care.

If the Berlin courts get their way, Ursula will go to prison with mentally ill criminals. In modern, democratic Germany, free speech is non-existent. The only history that is allowed is their version of history. Challenge this, even if you can support it with facts and figures, and the state will seek its revenge. The liberal, woke ‘democrats’ at work in Britain are not far behind.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

George Orwell

In Leeds, Sam Melia, Yorkshire organiser of Patriotic Alternative, is on trial at Leeds Crown Court on charges of inciting racially aggravated criminal damage and disseminating downloadable stickers that were “intended to stir up racial hatred.”

The offending stickers, which the prosecution is trying to convince a jury are racist, included the slogans ‘It’s okay to be white’, ‘Diversity did not build Britain’, ‘Nationalism is Nature’, and ‘Labour loves Muslim rape gangs’. The prosecution made a point of focusing on one saying that the indigenous population will be a minority in Britain by 2066.

Remember too that the Crown Prosecution Service once tried to convict and jail two Nationalists, one genuine, the other a serial wrecker of Nationalist organisations, who exposed the grooming gangs in West Yorkshire. The CPS said it was all a racist lie aimed at stirring up racial hatred. And we all know how that ended up.


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