Justice In Germany

destruction of Dresden 1945

Holocaust – destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.

This video (which has not been produced by the BM), concerns the Allied policy of terror bombing of German civilians in the Second World War and the horrific attack on Dresden in February 1945. We have linked to it on Youtube in support of those brave patriots who are fighting for the truth.

The real German Holocaust

The video is a celebration of those who have fought for justice and real history in Germany, the UK and across the European world. A shield and medal created by British campaigner Dr James Thring to celebrate a legal victory in this continuing battle, leads to broader discussion by Anglo-German friends of Lady Michèle Renouf including her attorney Wolfram Nahrath.

Discussion of the positive contributions made by friends of justice and historical truth includes those Britons who opposed terror bombing strategy in the 1940s, and the groundbreaking contribution to the honour of Britain by the British historian David Irving in his 1963 book ‘The Destruction of Dresden’.

This video marks the first anniversary of Lady Michèle Renouf’s Dresden court victory.

destruction of Dresden 1945
Dresden February 1945 after the terror bombing of women and children

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