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the funeral of Lola

Main Image: Mourners gather behind the hearse after the funeral ceremony of the 12-year-old girl, known as Lola, whose body was found earlier this month stuffed into in a trunk in Paris.

Shock and Anger over the brutal rape and murder of 12-year-old Lola in Paris have led to many demonstrations on the streets of France. The out-pourings of grief have also spread to other parts of Europe, from Poland to central London, where a protest was held last weekend. French protesters have demanded the immediate deportation of migrants who have been ordered to leave France.

In Lyon, more than 200 demonstrators took to the streets to vent their anger against a system that doesn’t seem to care about the crimes committed against the indigenous population. Waving large black banners reading “Immigration Kills” and “Justice for Lola”, the protesters used smoke bombs and chanted slogans such as “immigrants, murderers.” The police stood back.

Nationalist demonstrators in Lyon.

The prosecutors’ office in that French city have opened an inquiry into possible incitement to hatred by the group that protested the inaction of the authorities over the murder. In France, as in Britain and across the White world, these people are more concerned with protecting their multi-racial experiment, than its innocent victims. The politicians and the police treatment of the victims of the grooming gangs is still an open wound in the UK.

In a letter addressed to French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, the Mayor for Lyon, Gregory Doucet, called on Macron to act against “those who incite hatred and demonstrate violent and anti-republican behaviour,” citing in particular the demonstration on Friday.

What has irked the officials is the demonstrator’s insistence that the authorities carry out their obligations to make failed asylum seekers leave French territory. Since Lola’s murder, a survey for French television found that nearly 60 percent of people thought that illegal immigrants in France should be ‘put in administrative detention’.

Nationalists out on the streets of Paris.

Official data from the French government shows that the Algerian murder suspect is one of many who have avoided deportation, with the case highlighting how, despite promises from the Macron government, French authorities have been unable or unwilling to enforce immigration law.

A French Senate report found that while 143,226 deportation orders were issued in 2021, only 9.3% were carried out, down from 15.6% in 2019. Even worse, the French authorities only succeeded in enforcing 0.2 percent of the expulsion orders. According to the French interior minister’s office, 48 percent of criminal acts in Paris are committed by foreigners, while this figure is 55 percent in Marseille.

On the streets in Paris

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