Issue 17 Of The Emblem Out Now

the emblem issue 17

The latest issue of the British Movement’s electronic newspaper has now been released. Packed full of the latest news and articles, it is one publication not to be missed. Plus it is absolutely free! Simply insert your email address in the Emblem subscriber form below and that’s it.

The aims of The Emblem:
To expand and present a modern British Nationalist Socialist agenda to the British Public.
To affirm the central message of the “14 Words”
“We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children.”

THE EMBLEM reserves its hatred for those Establishment politicians and politically motivated groups and in-dividuals who wish to destroy British traditions, British culture, British values, Britain’s heritage and our National identity.

The Emblem Team hope you enjoy issue 17.

Simply enter your email address and click ‘submit’ to receive your free copy of The Emblem.

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