British Movement Women’s Division aka The Vixen’s

helping each other

The B.M.W.D was founded in the mid 1970’s and was originally established to provide a semi-autonomous female section of the movement which could serve as a rallying point for National Socialist and Nationalist women.

We are spread far and wide across our great lands and we have a good number that are based within the Northern Region.

We are working hard to build an alternative community. You may ask what an alternative community is, it is a community that wants the best for our people and our lands, one that works together to look after our own. Be that the young or old.

The British Movement Women’s Division have their own website which is BMWD – The Voice Of The B.M.W.D (

We organise family events of our own and alongside other British Movement events. We raise funds for our events by producing our own items. These funds help to fund our website and the events we organise also the events we are invited to take part off. We also raise funds by doing raffles and the funds raised from these goes to the British movement as well as our funds.

Many of our women are involved with other things within the British Movement. We have members involved in the production of The Emblem, the British Movement electronic newspaper (subscription is free, email The Emblem Team at

We have our own stickers and leaflets which can be obtained through our website contact box. Sadly, we cannot offer these for free (please contact either through the website above or email


The Women’s Division will also be taking on a new role after the success of our ‘Yule Gifts for Children’ which was part of the British Movement “Looking After Our Own” campaign.

Looking After Our Own is and will be many projects that we will try to help those who are struggling through turbulent times, be that due to terminal health diagnosis or just because the system wants to destroy many of us, as we will always stand by our beliefs.

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