Introducing National Socialism By The Back Door?

Introducing National Socialism

How an interest in our peoples’ history, culture and heritage can open the minds of non-political, everyday people to the very roots of National Socialist ideology and begin the process of their political awakening.

The interest in what is now called ‘living-history’ has grown to unprecedented levels across the country in the past decade. Every weekend there are meetings and activities by groups of people devoted to some aspect of Britain’s past. Many are re-enactment groups dedicated to re-living a particular period or era, usually miliary or warfare related. Some are groups seeking to recreate the lifestyles, costumes, music or arts and crafts of their chosen fascination.

The number of organisations are ever growing, some large, some small. some locally based, some nationally organised. All have a common thread, the desire to preserve and relive a part of Britain’s historic past. The desire to re-enact or rediscover some half-forgotten feature of our national identity is something which excludes those who are not of our Folk.

The pursuit of our ancestral lifestyles, military conquests and achievements is a desire by those involved not only to identify with past glories, but to make their heritage part of their lives today.It is this desire for knowledge and involvement which provides the racial Nationalist and National Socialist movements with an open door to the minds of these non-political people.

They have already taken the first steps towards seeking out their folkish roots and identity, they have looked at the modern face of Britain and realised that something is missing in their lives and have correctly sought solutions in the history of our Folk and Nation.

These people must be slowly led towards a racial consciousness and awareness by literature which emphasises the exclusively White nature of these elements of our past, and that interest and pride in our history is pride in our Race and Nation.

By stages these people must be brought around to realise that this history and heritage is under threat and must be defended, they must realise the nature of that threat and in order to preserve what they identify with and take pride in, they must take a racial Nationalist or National Socialist stance.

Reproduced with thanks to Blood and Soil. Back issue available from NS Press UK, PO Box 6, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0XF.

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