The Call of the Ancestors

The Call of the Ancestors

Something that critics and opponents of modern British National Socialism and racial Nationalism often portray is that of our activists and supporters being uncultured and disconnected from the history and heritage of our ancestors and fore-bearers.

Self-styled anti-racists always fall back on a stereotype image of our activists being uneducated, urban dwellers with no knowledge of our heritage and culture. This is something that British Movement activist and pod-caster, Benny Whitelaw challenged, and recalled many ancient sites he had personally visited in Europe, the ancient ruins of both Greek and Roman origins across many countries in southern Europe.

Benny pointed out that he and other British NS comrades were taken on a tour of these sites as a guest of European NS activists who were proud of their nation’s heritage and culture. Likewise he recently expressed on an ‘Under the Sunwheel’ show his own appreciation for both the European comrades pride in their history and heritage and his own admiration for those symbols of shared Aryan culture.

Here in the United Kingdom, one of the key features of the British Movement programme ‘Strength Through Joy’ is to combine outdoor hikes and long distance walks with a visit to historial sites and an appreciation of those ruins or monuments to British history and traditions.

Old battlefields, monoliths, stone circles and standing stones, ancient castles and pre-Christian sacred sites are all worth visting and understanding both from a sense of history of our ancestors and Folk as well as a spiritual connection with the roots of our Nation and heritage.

One thing that the Third World colonisers of Britain can never share is the sense of connection that we as British National Socialists and racial Nationalists have with the symbols of our ancestors, the landmarks and monuments they left us as their legacy and our bond with our homeland as part of Blood and Soil identity.

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