Germany After The Riots


The fallout from the migrant-violence on New Year’s Eve in Germany is reverberating around the country. Now video footage has emerged that shows young German women being sexually harassed by migrants as well as images of the rioting in places like Berlin.

Bourgeoise political parties in Germany are debating whether there is a link between the country’s expanding immigrant population and the bloody attacks on New Year’s Eve. Any normal person would not need to ‘debate’ anything. The link is obvious.

The bulk of those detained, according to police data, were migrants, but the ruling Social Democrats (SPD) argue that integration measures shouldn’t be held responsible for the incidents.

Claims of racism are not covering up the criminality that turned Berlin and other cities into a war zone. The Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the liberal CDU are blaming a failing immigration strategy, a stance that could win over a weary German public.

The German public had already turned against immigration before the events of New Year’s Eve. These two parties are pressing Germany to hold a public discussion on who was responsible for the violence and why, together with police unions.

“It’s all about illegal migration, failed integration, and lack of respect for the state, not fireworks,” Jens Spahn, a CDU politician and the country’s former health minister, told German news portal t-online. The CDU, whose former leader was Angela Merkel, has promoted mass immigration for years, but they also fear a rising AfD, buoyed by its stance on the issue.

“If you keep your eyes open and listen to the dialogues and comments, you will quickly realize that the rioters are mainly young men with a migration background.”

Junge Freiheit

The video below is from Judith Savino Basad on Twitter where one migrant male tells a reporter, “We already f**ked all the girls and the police can lick our balls,” as fireworks explode around him.

This video shows one of the migrant men, saying, “Hey, baby,” while two girls are being interviewed. The reporter asked, “Do you feel OK here on New Year’s?” One of the girls responds, “No, I had fireworks shot at me.” The other girl later says, “It’s creepy, we are afraid that something is going to happen,” as migrant men touch them from behind.

As we reported in our post last week, in Berlin, police and firefighters responded to 3,943 incidents, with 15 firefighters and 18 police officers injured.

The German government’s integration commissioner, Reem Alabali-Radovan (her parents are from Iraq), said the perpetrators should be judged by their actions and not their ethnicity.


Top Image: Image by Fabian Holtappels from Pixabay.

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