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A New Awakening Magazine

A New Awakening magazine is one of a growing number of BM publications.

Published by British Movement South East London it is available to members and supporters of BM only and is not for public sale or distribution.

Due to technical problems (moving the Sunwheel office and a faulty Mac computer), the February/March issue was delayed. We are now pleased to report that Issue 12 is available now from NS Press UK.

Issue 12 of the BM magazine ‘A New Awakening’ is out now.

Issue 12 is packed full of in depth articles, interviews and readers letters. Some of the highlights in this issue include:

Genocide By Stealth – A warning from British Movement Leader Guard of what every racial patriot can soon expect.

Getting It Right With Whitelaw – And it all begins with Looking After Our Own.

The Munich Of The South – The story of how one man paved the way for Mosley’s BUF to become the dominant force in pre-war politics along our southern shores.

Commentary – The National Secretary on new opportunities arising which demand new strategies.

The sole function of A New Awakening is the promotion of real National Socialism, and not psycotic hate of any other particular or specific race or religon. We reserve our hatred for an occupation regime and all its agents who are deliberately intent on destroying White British racial cohension, identity, culture, history and tradition.

A five issue subscription of A New Awakening costs £20 (minimum) and is available from:

NS Press UK
PO Box 6
West Yorkshire
WF16 0XF

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