Isabel Peralta On Her Deportation From Germany

Isabel Medina Peralta

Isabel Peralta is a prominent figure in the Falangist group Bastión Frontal (Forward Bastion) and is a rising star within the new generation of European National Socialists.

She first came to our attention after a rally in Madrid in 2021 in which she paid tribute to the Blue Division – the Spanish forces sent by Franco to fight Bolshevism in World War II. She is quoted as saying “It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain and for Europe, now weak and liquidated”.

See our original post featuring Isabel Peralta here:

In the following video Isabel and a comrade from Bastión Frontal explain about her treatment at the hands of the German state.

Spanish National Socialist Isabel Peralta, refused entry at Frankfurt Airport and returned to Spain because of her views.
Isabel Peralta in a demonstration called by the Coordinadora Antiprivatización de la Sanidad (CAS) against the privatisation of public health on February 27, 2021 in Madrid, Spain.
Isabel Medina Peralta during a protest outside the Moroccan embassy in Madrid, Spain.

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