Tempers Flare In Cottingham

Darby and Joan Memorial Club

The Darby and Joan Memorial Club was packed to overflowing for the meeting which was organised by Cottingham residents to discuss plans for The Lawns, a former residential halls for University of Hull students. The meeting hoped to offer solutions rather than just be a vehicle to voice complaints.

The burden placed on local services and concerns over the number of asylum seekers due to arrive in the village led to heated exchanges during the meeting. It was said that there could be as many as 1,100 single adult males, although this has not been confirmed.

A few of the liberal hand-wringers in attendance expressed concerns for the well-being of the asylum seekers, stating that some had left dangerous countries and that their lives may have been in danger.

“I’m familiar with people’s concerns but, for some people, it’s just about race.”

Councillor Mike Medini, Conservative Group Member.

Councillor Helen Green said she believed the Home Office had disregarded them in the past when making plans for other housing, notably at Thwaite Hall. The outcry from residents has forced The University of Hull to postpone the plans until mid-February.

News of a demo has appeared on social media.


Top Image: David Wright / Cottingham Darby & Joan Hall.

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