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A follow up on the ‘Alien Influences’ post.

Shortly before the July 2024 General Election, BM Northern Region had published a number of articles pointing out the emergence of Islamist influenced sectarian politicians in some parts of the UK.

There are those voices in British Nationalism that warn that an ’obsession’ with Muslims and Islam is a distraction from the main tasks in hand, but in light of the growth of support for George Galloway’s Workers Party and the electoral success of Islamist ‘independent’ candidates in the May 2024 local elections (although a successful campaign by the Labour Party saw Galloway defeated at Rochdale), the General Election saw the election of four Islamist ‘independent’ MP’s to the House of Commons, the situation requires serious scrutiny.

In fact George Galloway has not conceded the loss of his seat in Rochdale with good grace and is demanding an investigation into the Rochdale vote, claiming electoral misconduct and a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against him.

In the North of England, the ‘pro-Gaza’ independent candidates unseated sitting Labour MP’s from two ‘safe’ Labour seats, one in Blackburn, Lancashire and also Dewsbury and Batley in West Yorkshire.

Note that the Blackburn success, as well as the Dewsbury and Batley seats, were taken by those ‘independents’ on the back of the successful local election gains as well as seats taken from Labour in the West and East Midlands. There is no doubt that the pro-Palestine/Gaza candidates will inspire the establishment of a permanent Islamist presence in British domestic politics.

The voting totals reveal a good deal about the growing Islamist electoral bloc. In many ‘safe’ Labour held seats, the sitting MP’s came within a whisker of being ejected by the Muslim candidates, and it was a close-run thing in several seats and the Muslim Vote approved Labour Party candidate for Bradford West, Naz Shah survived the election by a narrow margin of a few hundred votes.

This is a shifting situation and reflects an evolving pattern in the most colonised towns and cities of the North, which was long predicted by British Nationalists, colonising non-white communities are now flexing collective political, religious and cultural strength to impact on traditional and established British customs and culture.

There is no reason to believe that when the conflict in Gaza eventually comes to an end, this powerful voting force will fade away. In Blackburn, independent candidate Adnan Hussain overturned a solid, safe Labour majority of 18,000 to take the seat.

This quote from a Muslim religious leader in Blackburn reflects a deeper problem, Yusuf Patel told a national newspaper journalist; “After 69 years of having a Labour MP, Blackburn has sent a message that Palestinian lives matter, and Muslim votes can’t be taken for granted.”

In that statement is the warning message for the White British residents of these colonised towns and cities of what happens when political control passes over to a militant, united non-white community. Blackburn now not only has an Asian Muslim MP, but also has a sizeable Asian Muslim presence on the Blackburn and Darwen council after the May local elections, exercising control over local services and budgets.

The ‘Alien Influence’ is now directly affecting the White British minority communities in heavily colonised towns and cities, the situation is developing into permanent changes being made to the detriment of the White British minorities in those districts.

From Australia comes some insight into how the growing Islamification of some local councils and eventually parliamentary constituencies will be affected by the dominating imposition of ‘Muslim values’. These are examples of small cultural changes being pushed through that will grow into much bigger changes that will become permanent. This is just part of the toxic by-products of Third World immigration into Britain and is yet further evidence of the Great Replacement – a fact, not a conspiracy theory.

It is not too late to reverse this situation and to put Britain back on track. The lack of a grassroots mass movement prepared to challenge the direction that Britain is taking, to build a solid resistance to multiculturalism and to build a functioning, organised alternative, a British National Socialist alternative.

The White British communities need to wake up to what is happening around them and take a leaf out of the Muslim communities, to come together collectively and get organised, to defend their customs, culture and traditions. Britain Awake!


Top Image: Compilation
Video: BM Northern
Lower Image: Australian patriots.

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