Ireland Experiences The Benefits Of Diversity


The mantra of the Great Replacement changes depending on what country is being ‘enriched’. In Britain it has gone from ‘diversity is our strength’, to ‘we’re here because you were there’, meaning we are being punished because of the British Empire and imperialism.

In countries like Ireland, Sweden and even Switzerland, who were not imperial powers, ‘third-world immigration is needed because of an ‘aging population’. That old chestnut again.

News coming out of Ireland has repeatedly shown a backlash against the ‘refugees in hotels’ policy of the Leo Varadkar government (it seems that every Western Government is working from the same WEF hymn sheet). True-to-form, the Marxist leadership of Sinn Fein have criticised the demonstrators and shown support for the invaders.

Recent events in one small Irish town whose main industry is tourism, has brought home the madness of allowing thousands of young men into the country without any checks.

A “public order disturbance involving a group of males” on New Year’s Day, left four people hurt at a hotel in County Kerry, according to the gardai. Just after 8.30pm, emergency personnel were called to the scene at a hotel in Killarney, County Kerry. Asylum seekers are now staying in the hotel.

The four males were admitted to hospital with stab wounds that were reportedly not life-threatening. We have been passed an image (below) that purports to show a member of the hotel staff who was amongst the injured, although this has not been confirmed.

A victim of diversity in Ireland?

A number of men have now been detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1984 by the Killarney Garda Station after being arrested. Garda forensic investigators have examined the scene and inquiries are continuing.

The latest news we have is that bail has been refused for one man as eight appeared in court over the ‘serious’ violence at the Direct Provision Centre (what the Irish euphemistically call asylum hotels). Four or five Algerian men and 15 Georgians were involved in the incident. The man who was refused bail is an Algerian who allegedly inflicted the stab wounds on a number of others.

Seven men granted bail on condition they leave Killarney to reside at garda-approved addresses in Meelick, Co Clare, and Clonakilty, Co Cork, in the case of three Algerians; while the four Georgian men are to reside in Co Louth and Co Laois.

It has also been reported that the gardai were called to break up a fight between a small group of males, including inhabitants of Hotel Killarney, and another refugee/asylum seeker location at the New Street/Beech Road before Christmas. It is believed the fight was over political differences.

And while the taxpayer’s cash is being splashed out to these migrants, figures show that 581,334 people in Ireland are living in poverty, of which 163,936 are children.


Top Image: Shell to Sea, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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