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A new Whitelaw album will be out soon!

Featuring 12 new tracks, this will be the band’s ninth album. Tracks include ‘Give It A Chance’, ‘Banned’, ‘Black Sun’, ‘Britain Awake’ and ‘Part Time Patriot’.

A message from Benny: “It’s taken some time to finalise the artwork and data included on the album. Sometimes this takes longer than normal as it has to be right. There are 12 new tracks on this our ninth full album as a band, in 27 years. The word is that it will be due for release in about a months time. Thank you to everyone who supports our band, together we are Whitelaw!”

The album will be available to buy from the usual outlets and the BM Sunwheel office when it is released.

We’ve added a video of the song “Kick The Reds In” by Whitelaw for no other reason than that it is a great track and the video is amusing too!


Top Image: Whitelaw social media channels.
Album Taster Video: Midgard Records.
Video: BM – Kick The Reds In.

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