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The British Movement Women’s Division are changing their email address. The new email address is

They have decided to go with encrypted email to give extra security to all involved.

In this ever-changing world, we need to think about online safety more and more. Sadly, we are unable to operate like most groups and we must be careful to protect ourselves and others within our community.

Most use some form of social media, but many are not aware that when you sign up, you give that platform access to your device and your personal information. While it is great sharing what you have been up to and sharing photos of you friends and family, it all leaves a trace of who you are and sometimes where you are.

We have known for years that the system and antifa monitor all social media platforms. While the system uses them to gather information, antifa use them to attack and destroy groups and individuals any way possible. This is sickening as we are always told we are the ones that are intolerant. Most will not go out of their way to attack or abuse anyone or anything unless provoked first.

So, just a few words of advice, check all social media settings. Make sure you disable GPS tracking and location finders. Restrict your profiles and only give access to those who you know. Resist tagging others and letting others tag you in photos and posts. If possible, move away from the social media platforms that use advertising for revenue such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

These use many things called algorithms and cookies (systems that predict and hold information about what you search and look at). These can also be used against you if the system wants the information.

If possible, use a VPN (virtual private network) to protect you on your computers and on any other devices. Stop using google as a search engine and find another one, duckduckgo is a good one and popups are blocked plus you can easily burn all your search history.

Sadly, many mainstream websites are now blocking the use of these search engines as they can’t track and trace so some things will have to be done on normal search engines.

The British Movement Women’s Division have their own website which can be viewed here:

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