Heat Or Eat – The Deadly Reality For Our People

heating crisis

“Heat or eat” is not simply a slogan repeated by the media. It’s a genuine decision that many of our people are being forced to make. Pensioners in particular are often too proud to ask for help or ‘make a fuss’. Now the case of Barbara Bolton, an 87-year-old from Bury in Lancashire, has shown the deadly reality of the ‘energy crisis’.

Barbara, who died of hypothermia, told her doctor she couldn’t afford to heat her home because of the current economic situation, an inquest has been told. On December 11 of last year, Mrs Bolton, of Dawson Street, Bury, was taken to Fairfield Hospital with hypothermia* and a chest infection.

After she revealed that the fear of being unable to pay her heating bill had prevented her from turning on the heating in her home (as the country’s temperatures dropped to below freezing), her GP had admitted her to the hospital. After deciding with her family to put her on end-of-life care, Ms. Bolton passed away on January 5 while receiving medical care.

*Long-term exposure to extremely cold temperatures can result in hypothermia, which necessitates rapid medical attention. Living in a cold home and not dressing warmly in the winter are some of the causes.

Compare this tragic case with that of the thousands of fit and healthy young men, housed in hotels across the land and given three meals a-day, clothes and pocket money. They have no worries about not being able to turn the heat on to keep warm. Men who, unlike Mrs Bolton, have contributed nothing to this country but demand everything.

The self-shot video below shows a supposedly 16-year-old migrant in Ireland moaning because he hasn’t had his breakfast. He had lost his passport and ID when he fled his country but miraculously saved his phone.


Top: Image by ri from Pixabay.

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