BM North-West On The Streets Of Manchester!

bm north west in manchester

Report and images from the frontline.

On Tuesday September 12, activists from BM North West met up to do a banner drop on a footbridge on Princess Parkway, Wythenshawe, Manchester. The footbridge over the motorway is located next to the Britannia Airport Hotel, which was one of the first hotels to start housing Migrants.

The banner we used: End Immigration, Start Repatriation. As always, we received a great response from drivers who were beeping and putting their thumbs up.

Wythenshawe banner drop

We then headed to the city centre to hand out food parcels, water and snacks to the homeless. Here at BM we believe in putting our own folk first.

Lastly, we headed to Piccadilly Gardens, an area where foreign drug dealers and groomers gather. We did another banner drop and it was not long until we were approached and threatened by foreigners. Britain Awake!


All Images: British Movement Northern.

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