Cultural Enrichment In Lancashire – Once Again

the criminal trio the Nawaz brothers

The enterprising criminal trio the Nawaz brothers, who according to evidence given at Preston Crown Court ran a ‘£3 million army’ of drug dealers, drug pushers and assorted criminal activities.’

Operation Warrior – a specific campaign by Lancashire Police aimed at tackling organised crime across Lancashire, including the major illegal drug dealers. Over recent months, the police operation identified and arrested the Nawaz brothers and over thirty other people involved in the Nawaz brother’s network. The drug gang operated through a well-organised network of street dealers and pushers, including a number of juveniles.

Preston Crown Court has, over the earlier part of 2023, convicted and sentenced most of those involved in the Nawaz controlled drug lines. The court evidence heard that in just one year, the Nawaz gang flooded Preston and Chorley with drugs, making over £2.15 million from heroin and crack cocaine.

Lancashire Police seized mobile phones that were used by the Nawaz brothers to run ‘drug lines’ in Chorley and Preston. The network allowed the gang to both advertise the quantities of drugs available and to allow users to place orders. The phone network was also used to organise street-level distribution, often involving juveniles as a ‘delivery service’ to regular customers.

The police were surprised to discover that the gang operated a 24-hour, round-the-clock drug distribution system. The gang were particularly active in the Ribbleton, Moor Nook and New Hall Lane areas of Preston.

The three key men; Haq Nawaz, Dil Nawaz, and Asim Nawaz and up to 30 other members of their ‘army’ were sentenced to prison terms with a total of 132 years in prison. Haq Nawaz age 29 of Robin Hey, Leyland, was sentenced to 13 years and 10 months. Dil Nawaz of Browning Road, Preston, age 27, was sentenced to 12 years. Asim Nawaz, age 24, of Eaves Lane, Chorley was sentenced to 12 years.

Most of those sentenced were resident in the Ribbleton area of Preston; although Nawaz lived in Leyland, a handful of their network ‘employees’, lived in other East Lancashire towns, such as Rochdale and Chorley. The list of co-defendants showed an interesting mix of ethnic backgrounds, but the top earners and controlling leaders of the drug network were the three Nawaz brothers.

Once again, the North-West of England, and in particular east Lancashire, has been the centre of a major organised drug network, and once again, the mainstream media avoid highlighting the glaringly obvious fact as to the backgrounds of those operating the criminal network.

This gang was mainly focused on dealing and pushing illegal Class A narcotics into Preston and Chorley, but the fact remains that this criminal enterprise turned over £3 million in a year. A serious amount of money was generated by pushing out poison into the streets of just two towns. Cultural enrichment of British society once again.

The full list of those convicted included:

Louis Brown, 32, of Longley Close, Fulwood, Preston: Six years and nine months.
Christopher Edgington, 26, of Derby Square, Preston: Six years and eight months.
Callum Green, 24, of Burholme Road, Ribbleton, Preston: Six years.
Zain Hussain, 19, of Hawthorn Road, Ribbleton, Preston: Five years and six months.
Adam Patel, 19, of Leo Case Court, Preston: Five years and six months.
Lewis Reynolds, 22, of Willow Crescent, Ribbleton, Preston: Five years.
Hassan Saeed, 25, of New Hall Lane, Preston: Five years.
Reece Booth, 21, of Poplar Grove, Ribbleton, Preston: Four years and six months.
Lee Davies, 46, of Pope Lane, Ribbleton, Preston: Four years and six months.
Elliott Slater, 24, of Burnslack Road, Ribbleton, Preston: Four years and six months.
David Cartwright, 50, of Grizedale Crescent, Ribbleton, Preston: Four years and four months.
Atiq Sawar, 39, of Knowles Street, Preston: Four years.
Cris Ianson, 22, of Downing Street, Preston: Three years and nine months.
Sohail Ahmeddad, 27, of Fishwick Parade, Preston: Three years and nine months.
Jack Johnson, 25, of Croxton Avenue, Rochdale. Three years and eight months
Preston Forbes, 19, of Egan Street, Preston: Three years and eight months.
Dylan Quayle, 24, Thirlmere Road, Chorley: Three years and four months.
Callum Cowperthwaite, 19, of Geoffrey Street, Preston: Three years.
Michael Barr., 38, of Dorman Road, Ribbleton, Preston: Three years.
Daniel Gould, 19, of Cemetery Road, Preston: Two years and eight months.
Tammy Wane, 40, of Tunbridge Street, Preston: Two years and three months.
Bhavesh Parekh, 42, of Northcote Road, Preston: Two years and two months.
Jerrell Ryan, 19, of Downing Street, Preston: 18 months.
Szymon Skurka, 19, of Wanstead Street, Preston: 18 month suspended sentence.
Kian Makinson, 21, of Grizedale Crescent, Ribbleton, Preston: Four year suspended sentence.
17-year-old boy from Preston: 18 month youth supervision order
17-year-old boy from Preston: 12 month youth rehabilitation order.


Main Image: Lancashire Police. Asim (main pic), Haq (top) and Dil Nawaz (bottom).

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